How to Draw a Tribal Fish, Tribal Koi

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The first step is probably the easiest. All you have to do is make a question mark without the period.


Take your time with this step because you want to make sure that your tribal koi or fish comes out perfect or really nice. To start, draw the outline of the koi's head like so, and then begin drawing out the pattern. This can easily be done just by d   


Continue with the drawing pattern as you begin sketching out the tribal fin design. It sort of looks like a fan doesn't it? Make a spiral swirl at the base of the fin like so, and move to step four after you color in some speckles.


Next, simply draw out the other tribal fin like so, but not as large as the first one because it is behind the bigger fin.


To complete the body, all you have to do is sketch out the entire shape or outline of the koi fish body. Notice the lining isn't smooth. Instead it is jagged and scratchy. Draw in the tail fin as well as the tail fin ribs, and then sketch or color in   


You are now going to finish your tribal fish drawing. You will do this by drawing and coloring in the scales like so. Be sure to take your time so it gets done right. If you followed the steps you shouldn't ed up with a hacked drawing. Clean up your    


The line art looks awesome as you can see. If you want to color in your tribal fish a different color than black, go ahead and do so. That's it guys keep practicing if your drawing didn't come out so good. Remember, practice definitely makes perfect.

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November 30, 2011

Description: Guess what? I never did a lesson on a tribal pattern for one of tattoo industries most popular fish that also happens to be one incredibly requested tribal animal. So here it is a lesson on "how to draw a tribal fish", or tribal koi. The design ended up surprisingly good. I had no idea that this drawing was going to come so good. I really surprised myself because I didn't think I was going to be able to draw a tribal version of a koi fish. I mean think about it, koi fish can be hard to draw and will often leave you stumped because thinking of an awesome design concept for this particular fish is not easy. You have to make sure that the design comes out realistic, as well as easy to replicate. I was going to make a colored background, but I decided that a simple light blue tone would be best to keep the image clear and viewable. If there is something you would like to change with your fish, feel free to go ahead and tweak it up. All I know is that I am pleased with the results and I hope you guys are too. Please rate, comment, and fav if you like or hate either way. Thanks guys and have fun!

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