How to Draw a Tauren

Artist: KingTutorial / March 16, 2011

Step 1.

To get started, let's draw a large circle for the ribcage. Within that, draw a smaller circle for the head (we're looking at this guy from the front. He's quite hunched over, so the head is lower than it would be on a normal standing character). Usin   

Step 2.

For the arms, we're going to use large circles to build up the basic shapes. Draw a circle for the shoulder, upper arm, lower arm and hand. You can see I overlapped the circles to show some foreshortening. The hands are closer to us (the viewer) than   

Step 3.

Draw a pair of ovals for the Tauren's upper legs. Below that we'll draw the lower legs and hooves. These shapes end up looking kind of like clown shoes. Bizarre. Now move back up and draw a pair of horns jutting out from either side of the head. Now    

Step 4.

For the actual line art, I want to start with the facial features. Begin with the heavy eyebrows. Then draw the snout and nostrils. Add the eyes, and then draw a rounded rectangular shape on either side of the eyes. This will be the flesh that covers   

Step 5.

Continuing with the facial details, first draw the ring in the Tauren's nose. This covers all the other features, so it's best to draw it before anything else at this point. Fill in the nostrils. Draw in the teeth and upper lip, and then close the fa   

Step 6.

This tauren will have three braids. The first is hanging from his chin, and the other two are hanging from the sides of the head. By drawing heart-like shapes we can indicate the braided texture of the hair. The bottom of each braid is wrapped with c   

Step 7.

Draw the ears coming out from behind the braids, pointing outward from the head. Next, start from the top of the hump-back and draw shaggy hair all the way down to the head. Use a series of "S" and "C" curves to draw the clumps of hair. The hair is p   

Step 8.

Sometimes it makes things easier to draw the hands before drawing the arms. When you draw the hands first, you can put them anywhere you choose, and then connect them to the body by drawing the arms. That's what we're doing here. Start by drawing the   

Step 9.

With the hands and shoulders already draw, all we have to do here is connect them by drawing the upper and lower arm. The muscles will be drawn differently on each arm here because the hands are in different positions. Take a look at your own arms in   

Step 10.

Here we're going to draw the loin cloth so this guy can have a little bit of modesty. The strap is like a leather belt, so picture this as a "C" curving down from one hip to the other. This is what the loin cloth hangs down from. While the cloth is a   

Step 11.

Now we'll draw in the rest of the torso. This is basically like any human male torso, but we'll draw it fairly small because the Tauren's proportions are rather cartoony. Remember he's hunched over. That means we'll use curves to show the muscles ove   

Step 12.

Start the legs by drawing a kneecap at the bottom of each oval (from the guide lines). Then use some jagged lines to draw the furry thighs of this beasty. You can indicate some of the larger muscles of the legs, but don't outline everything with a so   

Step 13.

To wrap this guy up, draw the hooves beneath the shaggy fur of the legs. The hooves are round, but have a V-shaped cut in the center. To achieve a three-dimensional effect, first take a triangular cut out of the bottom of the hoof. From those two poi   

Step 14.

The final line art. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I used a more cartoony style this time, so let me know what you think. Also let me know if there are any other World of Warcraft characters you'd like to see in a tutorial. Thanks for reading, and   

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