How to Draw a Molten Corgi from World of Warcraft

Artist: Meepers1242 / May 10, 2015

Step 1.

First you want to start off with a base. So make 3 circles, kind of compact, for his head and body. Add 2 triangular shapes for his ears, and place a circle where you want his eye to be. Next just make some short curved lines to place where you want    

Step 2.

I normally start off by making the nose and going up along the muzzle towards the ear. Then I come back down and make his mouth and part of his neck. Next I go back to finish his ears and draw the other part of his neck. Lastly draw in his eye and ad   

Step 3.

Alright to start the next part connect the 2 stopping points of the neck we did on the last step with a line of fur as if we were just going to be making a head shot. add a bit more fur till you get far enough to where you want and then add his legs.   

Step 4.

Next I started off this step by drawing on his tummy and then going back up to draw on the rest of his back down to his tail. And lastly adding his stubby back legs.

Step 5.

Now for some detail! Add a bunch of fur and markings to his neck, chest and his back to your liking. And then add little bits of fur near his front and back paw.

Step 6.

And that's it. There's your awesome molten corgi! Just don't forget to add some color! :D

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