How to Draw Crysis, Draw Nanosuit

Artist: KingTutorial / March 10, 2011

Step 1.

Ok, let's get started. To lay out the head and torso, begin by drawing a small oval. Beneath that, draw a larger oval for the ribcage. Next draw a slightly more narrow oval beneath the ribcage for the abdomen and pelvis area. Finish this step by draw   

Step 2.

Begin the arms by drawing an oval for each deltoid (shoulder). From there, draw another oval for each upper-arm section. This includes the biceps and triceps that will be detailed later. Next draw a tube-shape for each forearm. Add a simple, crab-cla   

Step 3.

Using the kneepads as a base, draw a long oval shape connecting from the knee to the pelvis for each thigh. This guy has pretty massive thighs, so don't make these too skinny. Next draw the lower legs. Remember to use a B-like line on the inner edge    

Step 4.

Let's start the line drawing with the helmet. The top of the helmet rests a little above the top of the head, so be sure to leave a little space there. Define the jaw line, and draw in the basic shape of the visor.

Step 5.

Separate the most prominent sections of the helmet using panel lines.

Step 6.

A large, angular "T" shape will serve as the clavicles (collar bones) and sternum. All the muscles of the chest will connect here. Draw in the basic shape of the pectorals (chest muscles).

Step 7.

Begin the next step by drawing a speedo-type bathing suit for this guy. Yeah, it seems a little weird, but that's how it works. Next stack three rounded rectangular shapes for the abdominal muscles. The strips on either side of the abs are the obliqu   

Step 8.

For the arms, draw from the shoulder to the wrist. The muscles of the shoulder connect to the upper ends of the "T" shape from earlier. Split the upper arm to create the football-shaped biceps and the triceps behind that. The forearms bulge closer to   

Step 9.

The gloves are made up of small, armored panels. After drawing the bracelet-like cuff of the glove, use rectangular shapes to layer these panels downward toward the fingers. Each finger has three sections.

Step 10.

After outlining the kneecaps, draw in the large muscles of the thigh. From this view, the muscles consist mainly of three large strips that connect from the knee to hip, and another bulge on the inside of each leg for the adductor muscles.

Step 11.

Draw the curved shape of the shin "bone." This will appear different from the two slightly different angles of the legs. Add the calf muscles and outline the shape of each foot. Unlike the muscular shapes of the body armor, the feet are basically sho   

Step 12.

Add panel lines and small details on the metallic sections of the armor, as well as the helmet and boots.

Step 13.

Here is where the Nanosuit gets its unique look. Using the general shape of each muscle as a guide, draw long curves to indicate muscle "fibers."

Step 14.

Draw in the rectangular details on the muscle strands. Then indicate the "tendons" on the upper leg muscles.

Step 15.

Erase the muscle strands within each triangular "tendon" section on the legs. Clean up stray lines and check your details, and.... you're done! This guy sure looked detailed, but when taken step by step (and with a basic understanding of human anatom   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: A 15-step tutorial on how to draw the new nanosuit from Crysis 2.