How to Draw Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft

Artist: finalprodigy / December 6, 2013

Step 1.

The first big milestone of this drawing is to create some clean lineart of Sylvanas. Start simple; sketch a basic skeleton for her head and body.

Step 2.

Build a basic sketch of Sylvanas and her armor around your basic skeleton. You can simplify your sketch even more if you need to.

Step 3.

Add some more features to your drawing. Remember to sketch as lightly as possible.

Step 4.

Add in the final little details to you lines. Don't worry about making everything absolutely perfect. Just try to get a solid starting point for the rest of you drawing.

Step 5.

Here's what my finished lines looked like. You may need to lightly go over your lines multiple times to make them more solid.

Step 6.

This step entails adding a fairly solid lair of rough shading over the drawing. There are many ways to do this. You could grab a sheet of scrap paper and shade a thick layer of graphite into it. You can then use some paper towel or a cloth to rub int   

Step 7.

Use an eraser to start adding some basic highlights to the drawing. If you have a sharpenable eraser use it. If not, a kneaded eraser works as well.

Step 8.

Add some basic highlights to the left side of the drawing. I decided to show two steps side by side just to make it a bit easier to spot the changes in each step of the drawing. Let me know helps at all when you try this drawing out.

Step 9.

Add basic highlights to the right side of the drawing.

Step 10.

Here's the drawing with all of the basic highlights added. Remember to keep it quick and simple. Don't invest too much time into this stage of the drawing.

Step 11.

Start adding rough shading to the drawing starting with the head. Keep you shading light enough for it to be easily erased if the need arises. Don't worry about details yet. Just build a little on top of what you already have.

Step 12.

Focus your shading on the left side of the drawing. Add some definition to Sylvanas's armor and add a bit of rough background shading

Step 13.

Add the right side rough shading to the armor and the background.

Step 14.

Your drawing should look something like this at this stage. From this point you are basically free to shade the drawing however you want to using whatever supplies you feel like using.

Step 15.

Now it's time to start adding final layers of shading and details. To make the shading as dark as possible, shade in layers while making each layer of shading progressively darker. You can use a blending stump to smooth out your shading especially ar   

Step 16.

Now concentrate on left side detail. Define the armor, the quiver and arrows, and all the little details on Sylvanas's attire. You can also smooth out the background by crosshatching and blending with a blending stump/kneaded eraser.

Step 17.

Focus on the rest of you details. Define her bow (Sunstrider's Longbow) and the rest of her armor. Be sure to pay the most attention to your outlines, shadows, and highlights since they add the most definition to your drawing.

Step 18.

Here's the finished drawing. Remember that you can work on the details in any order you see fit, this is just one of the most straightforward ways you could go about doing it. Let me know if you try this drawing out and be sure to link to your finish   

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: Hey guys here's a fun tutorial for you that will show you how to go about drawing Sylvanas Windrunner, from World of Warcraft. I decided to limit myself to a basic HB pencil for the majority of this drawing to make it easier for those of you that don't have a full drawing set. I hope you enjoy!