How to Draw Starscream, Transformers

Artist: KingTutorial / February 28, 2011

Step 1.

Hey, guys. Let's tackle Movie Starscream (not to be confused AT ALL with G1 Starscream, or any other more traditional version of the character). To start, draw a large, rounded triangle upside-down. That'll serve as Screamer's torso. From there, draw   

Step 2.

Lighten your under-drawing. I decided to start detailing the head first, so begin by wrapping a V-shape from the forehead to the top of the head. Draw a small shape for the chin and a "fang" on either side.

Step 3.

Use curves to define the "cheekbones" and the outer ridge of the eye sockets. Next, draw the actual eye sockets, and add some details to the mouth area.

Step 4.

Fleshing out the face, draw a pair of spikes pointing outward from the center of the head. These mark the back of the jaw.

Step 5.

Draw a UFO saucer-shape for the lower half of Starscream's helmet. Complete the top of the head with a couple of curves.

Step 6.

Moving on to the torso, we're kind of drawing a jack-o-lantern face, here (two eyes, a nose, and a pair of teeth). I've simplified the armor panel shapes for this tutorial image, so there are a lot of round shapes and curves. The shapes in this step    

Step 7.

Keeping with the "jack-o-lantern" theme, draw in the "eyebrows" and "cheekbones" to that face. Starscream has a very odd structure. These diagonal bars are, perhaps the closest thing he has to ribs.

Step 8.

Attack two rectangular flaps to the tops of the previously-mentioned bars. These are part of the wings from Screamer's jet mode. draw a rounded diamond shape layered beneath the previous shape. From there, complete the shape of the neck/trapezius wit   

Step 9.

I added some cone shapes to indicate the rockets on his back and bulk out the neck area, but that detail is a bit inaccurate. Leaving it out won't make much of a difference. Draw a wave shape pointing outward from each cone. Then draw a rectangular w   

Step 10.

Bulk out the rib area and close in the sides and crotch. This completes the bulk of the torso.

Step 11.

Movie Starscream has a bizarre collection of toes on each foot that point in odd directions. On the extended leg, the foot will be facing toward us. Draw two claws for the functional toes, and another two toes sticking upward and outward. Think of a    

Step 12.

On the forward-view foot, use an X-shape to draw the area where the toes connect to the foot. On the sideways-view foot, draw another pair of toes to complete the front of the foot. I got a little carried away and added some extra "toes" sticking upw   

Step 13.

Draw a hexagon (six-sided shape) for the back of each hand. Then layer another hexagonal shape beneath each hand to create the knuckle ridge.

Step 14.

CLAWS! Draw three fingers protruding from the knuckle ridge, and draw a thumb claw on each side of the hand.

Step 15.

Drawing the armor panels for the upper arms and thighs...

Step 16.

Use long, diamond-like shapes to armor the forearms. Draw in the kneecaps, and layer some geometric shapes to armor the shins.

Step 17.

Use lots of angles and blocky shapes to indicate the highly-detailed machinery that connects each large body part to one another. Do this for each joint.

Step 18.

Use small details to bulk out the arms. Draw the calves or middle section of each leg with curves, and detail them with angular shapes.

Step 19.

The following stages are somewhat optional. If you don't want to spend a great deal of time drawing tiny details, feel free to fill in the areas between armor panels with black. For a more authentic movie feel, start etching in all those little lines   

Step 20.

Using an even smaller brush size, draw the panel lines on the arms. I think I've gone from brush size 5 to 3 and now 2. For pencil. 0.3mm will still do fine. Just use less pressure for a lighter/thinner line.

Step 21.

Panel lines for the legs and feet. This is where the shapes really start to look three-dimensional. Notice the triangular shape at the top of some of the toes. Imagine this as a flat shape. Drawing a line downward creates two more sides to that shape   

Step 22.

Panel lines for the torso. I'm not sure if the jet this design is based on actually has all those zig-zag lines or not, but Movie Starscream certainly has them. This guy is chock full of detail.

Step 23.

This is where I wished I'd used a smaller line for the head and face in the beginning. If you used think lines, just zoom in and trim them down with the eraser. I used the smallest brush size possible to draw the details of the face. This version of    

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