How to Draw a Straight Razor, Straight Razor

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The first thing you will do is draw out the scales or handle for the straight razor. This is a large oblong shape.


Next, you will begin by drawing the curved narrow part of the metal blade. This is called the 'tang'. After you do this, you will need to draw in the shank which is the arm before the blade. Lastly, draw in the entire blade like so. You will also nee   


Lastly, sketch in all the detailing to the razor around the edges of the blade, as well as along the edge of the handle. Erase your mistakes then lets see how it turned out.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can use the drawing in a concept you have been working on, or for something you just thought of. Great job folks, keep up the good work.

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January 15, 2017

Description: You didn't think I was going to make a lesson on a razor blade without doing a tutorial on "how to draw a straight razor", step by step. Men who rock bald heads almost always own one of these shaving blades. They are the best thing to use when you want a shave that removes the hair right at the skin. These shaving razors give such a close shave that when the job is done, the skin ends up feeling just like a bare baby's bottom. Other names associated with this razor is open razors and cut-throat razors. The blade folds into the handle for safe storage, and it can also be sharpened by using a strop which is usually made of leather. When shaving the skin, you have to hold the blade at an angle of thirty degrees to the skin, as well as in a direction that is perpendicular to the edge of the surface being shaved. I wanted to do a Sweeney Todd style razor so it would be more appealing to tackle. If you like this type of art, you should enjoy drawing a straight razor. I will be back because there is still five more lessons that need to be submitted. Take care folks and enjoy.

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