How to Draw a Sword

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Firstly, take a ruler or hard edged sheet of paper, and draw a straight line that flows diagonally. At the upper end, depict the width of the handle will be, and add a line that crosses between the base one. This is essential if you want to create a    


Next, work on the base of the handle and the blade itself. This should be drawn with patience because of the vulnerability to run into mishaps. Start from the handle and downwards to the blade.


Then, work on finishing details that will define this sword into something unique and suitable. Add the hand guard and grips so that one who holds it, has a tight grip on it. The hand guard is used so that the hand won't slip onto the blade, therefor   


Lastly, this is what your line art should resemble. If you're not satisfied with how yours came out, restart the tutorial until you get it right. Don't be hesitant to add your own little details to your swords! This tutorial simply guides you on how    

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February 21, 2010

Description: Hey everyone, I would like to introduce a nice tutorial to everyone that shows you the basics on drawing a common weapon. You know as well as most novice artists do, that drawing a sword can be pretty difficult because of some complex details it can be acquainted with. This weapon is of course the most used amongst the medieval ages where there were no such thing as guns. These little creations of defense, are also popular in Japanese culture. Anyways, I want to guide you through to “draw a sword” in the simplest manner. Before you start the tutorial, be sure to equip yourself with a ruler for all the straight edges. Keep in mind that these weapons have many styles for different uses. There's a swords that are meant to hack away armor, slice through limbs easier, and much more. Research on the computer, or even think of your own type of use for swords. What if your character needed a sword that could cut through iron? A laser type weapon would be pretty epic, wouldn't it? Anyways folks, I have to go on and work on other parts of this tutorial. Good luck and have fun learning “how to draw a sword”, step by step.

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