How to Draw a Skull Head, Skull Head Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / March 1, 2013

Step 1.

Make the outlined shaped of the skull base, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Using the guides you just made begin drawing the shape of the skull starting with the top part of the head. From there you will need to draw the well defined cheek bones, as well as the angles edges.

Step 3.

Draw the top portion of the skull mouth which is the upper mandible. There should also be some rounded ends for each tooth.

Step 4.

Here you will begin sketching out the very mean expressive shapes of the eyes, then draw the shapes of each socket. Add wrinkling to the brows, and under each eye.

Step 5.

Detail the forehead, then draw the hole for the nose. Add the arched lines to shape out each tooth and define areas where needed.

Step 6.

For the last step all you have to do is draw out the dripping liquid that is pouring from under the skull's upper jaw. Erase the mistakes, then you are done.

Step 7.

Here is the finished drawing now that you are all done. Color in the skull head, or use it for something else.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 1, 2013
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Description: Enough with the childish lessons on with something fun and cool. If you notice I have been trying to get back into drawing tattoo style stuff and cool concepts. Having said that, here is "how to draw a skull head", step by step. Skulls are always fun to create because there is literally so many ways you can draw or create one. I was going for a chrome look when I started coloring in the drawing instead of a human colored skull. There is no bottom jaw in this skull art. Instead I made some dripping drops that come from under or up inside the skull's cavity. As far as complexity goes, you shouldn't have a problem. Drawing a skull head is the same as drawing normal skull art. Enjoy people, adios and peace out.