How to Draw the Decaforce Sword in Explosion Form

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Alright now this is a simple step. Guidelines. Start with one long horizontal line. On the left side draw a small vertical line, and a little farther right draw another. On the right start with a vertical line, and above it another but this one has 2   


Now we start on the sword tip. At the left end of the horizontal line draw 2 diagonals lines to the first horizontal line drawn. At the right end, draw 1 straight line above the line and one curve-ish line below the main line. Now above the handle we   


This is where I mentioned the too fast part of the sword. This is where all the extra detailing comes into play. Draw 2 parallel lines around the horizontal one all the way to the base making sure that you touch the ends of the second line. At the se   


No finally erase all excess guidelines to where it appears line the one shown. Once you have finished erasing it should look like the one shown. Hope your drawing came out well.

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August 25, 2009

Description: A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. It is Haru's first sword gained from Rave and his most commonly used. However, the shock of the impact is powerful to the extent that if Haru uses it in succession too much, it could possibly hurt or kill him. This sword is not much of a challenge other than the details. On scale of 1-10, this is about a 3. Sorry that the steps go too fast.

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