How to Draw the Decaforce Sword in Silfarion Form

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Guidelines. Straight horizontal. At the right, 2 vertical lines and a circle on the rightmost line. Now a second horizontal line, not very long though. A curved line below it. Where the curved line intersects the horizontal line, draw another curved    


Ok at the right draw a handle. The handle lines are curved so keep that in mind. At the right of the handle draw a handle base, and in the circle, draw a small \\||// looking deal. Use the curved line from earlier to draw two more. Now a third one at   


At the recent curved line draw back and up, then curve it towards the circle. At the circle we will draw a spiral looking shape. From the highest curve, draw another curve then as well to the circle guideline. Now a little detail, a little curve, a s   


Now 2 parallel lines around the main horiz. line. These will hit the spiral and small curved section at the bottom. Also, a small on the other spiral side. Just below you will draw the Rave slot and small sword. At the curve near the handle draw a fe   


Now to erase guidelines accordingly. now that wasn't too hard now was it? Hope not. nope your came out like this one. Now stay on for the next step which is main detailing and shading. Now get ready.


Ok on the handle Shade dark on the ends and get gradually lighter towards the center. At the handle base shade the top. Shade near the small curve from earlier. At the top of the large triangle shape blade base, you will draw 2 lightly shaded curves.   

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August 25, 2009

Description: This sword allows the Rave Master to become extremely light, granting great speed and the ability to create blades of air for long-ranged attacks. Silfarion can also be used with Explosion to create a special attack called "Silver Dive" (or "Twelve Wings of the Explosive Dragon") where Haru speeds past enemies while hitting them multiple times with explosions. However, the Silfarion is relatively weak as a mêlée weapon and is no more than a normal sword for attacking. This form also allows Haru to catch his opponents unaware, though in Chapter 61 the sword is beaten by Racas, one of the Palace Guards and later by Doryu meaning foes who can predict it; can block it with ease. Here is your sword, now grab a pencil and paper and lets begin.

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