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How to Draw a Space Marine, Space Marine

Artist: KenshinEien / March 2, 2013
How to Draw a Space Marine, Space Marine

Step 1.

I'm back again with another great Tutorial in the "How To Draw" Series! This time you're going to learn how to draw a Space Marine, two different types to be exact! I also thought I'd switch it up a bit and show you a Cool NEW Technique for conceptua   

Step 2.

Figure 3 shows our character base with a few chaotic scribbles drawn over top of it. Doesn't look like much and it leaves much to the imagination, right? That's the point entirely! Working in this manner takes pressure off of your mind in thinking of   

Step 3.

Once your done scribbling, step back and take a good look at the results. Give your eyes a moment to adjust to what it is seeing. You should begin to see shapes that you didn't intentionally create! Can you see the shapes? YOU CAN! Do you know why!?    

Step 4.

Now take a look at it again in gray! The shapes now seem to jump out at you saying "Pick me, Pick me!" don't they!? Start finalizing your character with THOSE lines and shapes!

Step 5.

Experiment to see what you like! There is NO WRONG WAY TO DO THIS PART, It's up to your imagination! You can LITERALLY come up with several different Marines, with just THIS sketch alone using this method!

Step 6.

This is a Space Marine I came up with using this technique! It's kinda like the Terran of StarCraft2.

Step 7.

As you're finalizing your sketch, take the first shapes that pop into your mind as you're working, you can always make another one! The purpose of this exercise is to get you use to working in this manner, to help you overcome writing blocks and conc   

Step 8.

Mix it up a little to break up the monotony! Make each side a little different in certain areas from the other!

Step 9.

And that's pretty much all I have to say here on this matter! Just for fun, Let's see another Marine made from the SAME sketch!

Step 10.

Here's another Space Marine I came up with using the SAME sketch! The only thing I did was erase the right arm and dome overtop of the head and then scribbled in a gun and rifle in each hand!

Step 11.

These are the areas I singled out when I took a look at the sketch! If your sketch doesn't seem full enough, add a few more scribbles to the areas that need attention!

Step 12.

I started with the head first, then "Mirrored" the Shoulder Armor a bit!

Step 13.

There were so many good shapes to use on the Chest, Waist, and Legs that I didn't know what to keep or throw out! I ended up using almost all of them!

Step 14.

The Feet and Rifle were pretty straight forward!

Step 15.

And there you have it! Another Space Marine AND created from the same initial sketch at that! Just follow these methods and you should wind up with FANTASTIC results just like these!

Step 16.

If that was a bit too much for some of you to handle, I'll show you all how to draw these two Space Marines again, in the usual way! Starting with the skeletons, then the base!

Step 17.

Now we bulk it up with a couple of large shapes to define the Head, Chest, Shoulders, Waist, Legs, Arms and Feet! Now add some further details to the Armor, like Belts, Buckles, Knives and Pouches for carrying items! For things like that, it's best t   

Step 18.

Now that we have a very good base to work with, we can begin finalizing, starting with the Head region!

Step 19.

From Head To Toe, go over each section adding sharper lines and details!

Step 20.

Not much else I can say here, so continue following the Steps from here on in, you'll do fine!

Step 21.


Step 22.

Add more details..... Ya know, the difference between this way and the "Clutter" Method is with this way, if you were doing this on your own, once you get up to step 21 (The step before this one) you're left with a BIG problem of where to put extra d   

Step 23.

Just a few more finishing touches and... All done! Today, hopefully you all have learned a NEW trick to help you create characters Quick and Easy!

Step 24.

As always, I hope this has been FUN, VERY informative, and VERY helpful to you all! ~KenshinEien~

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Artist: KenshinEien
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Description: This time you're going to learn how to draw a Space Marine, two different types to be exact!