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Welcome back again for another installment in the How To Draw Mecha Series! This time I'll be "Briefly" covering How To Draw Flying Dragon Mecha, which can also be used to draw any other "Flying" MECHA! So let's begin! I won't be going into much deta   


As you can see from the last example, you're mostly using the bats position to help define a skeleton and pose for your dragon! Once you have your pose, start placing shapes all over it, but try to keep it simple! Your head and chest should always be   


Now that you have the basic build for your dragon, you can start finalizing it with more detailed lines. Whatever shapes you used to define your dragons head and chest should be incorporated into the rest of it's design!


Just add a few more minor details and your done! Now that was simple wasn't it!? So long as you keep within the guidelines you can't fail! Just know what type of dragon your aiming to draw first (Geometric/Blocky/Machine-Like, or Organic/Curved/More    


I'll give two more examples, this one'll be "Organic" so I'll be using round curved shapes in it's design. We'll start with a simple skeleton... and done! Doesn't look like much does it? That'll all change once you bulk it up!


Always starting with the head, you start outlining your skeleton with simple shapes to further define your dragons body.


I didn't want anything too extravagant for the wings, though I did want a little functionality to them. I was thinking of a harrier jet when I was designing them, so I incorporated some sort of jet thruster to my dragons wings and the tail fin shape    


With the concept done, I can start finalizing my sketch, further defining my dragon with scale plates and shoulder harness to attach the wings!


I'll continue down the length of the body adding details. The Wings should be one of, if not the very last things to be defined in your drawing, although it's up to you how to approach the final sketching!


Since my wings are designed to be in a stationary position (They don't flap, they can only fold straight up into the air, not collapse in on themselves like a birds wing does) I needed to design "thrusters" to propel my dragon through the air! That's   


Okay! Two down and one more two go!


I'm thinking Machine-Type (Geometric) this time, so I'm goin' with big blocky shapes for my skeleton!


I want everything on this guy to scream machine, so I'm only using blocky shapes (squares, rectangles and maybe a trapezoid, or two) to define my dragon!


I'll throw in a few more details, some for the wings, arms and legs. Also a few on the face to give my dragon a nice menacing expression!


Now some finishing touches Aaand done! With the bulk-up done I can start finalizing this one now!


Alright down to the final stretch... The Final Sketch! Since this guys pretty much done already, there's no need to add too much to him! So I'll just clean up the sketch a little with some sharper linework! In this example you can see I went ahead an   


Now I'll head down the rest of the body filling it in with crisper, straighter lines and sharp edges!


To finish up, I'll throw in some bolts to give the metal shapes a heavier look and Voila! Another Dragon DONE! And so ends another Tutorial in the How To Draw Mecha series! Thanks again for watching and for all of the wonderful comments! I hope thi   

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March 2, 2013

Description: Time to learn how to draw Flying Dragons, in Mecha form!

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