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Artist: KenshinEien / January 20, 2013

Step 1.

Welcome to another chapter in the "How To Draw Mecha" series! This time I'm going to try to cover "MECHA BASICS" of the "Standard Bipedal Mecha" you see in popular Anime, plus a few other concepts to help you draw Mecha QUICKER AND EASIER! INTRODUCT   

Step 2.

THE BASICS OF CREATING AND UNDERSTANDING 2D/3D OBJECTS: Let's start off with structure! Everything in existence is built up of basic geometric shapes be it Circles, Ovals, Ellipses, Rectangles, Triangles, Trapezoids and many others, but without line   

Step 3.


Step 4.

RESOURCES AND REFERENCES: There are a lot of different things you can add to your mecha to spice-up it's design, like nuts, bolts, grates, exhaust pipes, etc. Let's take a look at how to draw a few of these! Take these objects for instance, how woul   

Step 5.

Think about what you have already at your disposal. Those old toy building blocks collecting dust in your closet make great reference material for your designs, or old toy cars, trucks and planes! Get creative, use every day items around the house in   

Step 6.

THE BIG D'OH! THE WOES OF DESIGNING BODY PARTS for your Mecha! (@0@): HEAD: They say two heads are better than one! I say the more the merrier! With that in mind, I'll get you better acquainted with the first of many headaches! Mecha come in a w   

Step 7.

CHEST: Here's a few chest exercises they don't teach you in the GYM! When tackling chests keep it simple at first until you get the hang of it! start your bases off like in these examples, then build from there! Try to keep a sort of "harmony" going   

Step 8.

ARMS AND HANDS: All thumbs when it comes to drawing hands for your mecha? Well that ends today, for when I am done with you, you shall be the master of this domain! When drawing arms and hands for your mechas you should take cues from anatomy, based   

Step 9.

LEGS AND FEET: How do you like your LEGS, scrambled or sunny-side up? Whether you like Bipedal, or Reverse Joint leg styles, drawing these can give you nightmares, so I've put together a few basic forms you should consider trying! The Bipedal style    

Step 10.

SIXTH FLOOR, BOOSTERS, WINGS AND OTHER MOBILITY ENHANCEMENTS: Mobility enhancements can come in a wide variety of shapes and styles in the classes of LAND, SEA, and AIR! Here we'll test the limits of our imagination to see what we can come up with!    

Step 11.

WHEELS: Not an Air man, then maybe something a little closer to the ground would be easier to defeat! Wheels are, by far, the FUNNEST parts of a mecha to design for(Well that and Boosters)! You just have to choose a type and start piling on the shap   

Step 12.

PROPELLERS/FANS: Do you hear the beckoning call of the sea? Then maybe this is the place to be! Propellers and fans are somewhat easy to design, depending on which type you'd like for your mecha. I believe I gave an example or two about how to draw    

Step 13.

BFG'S, A SIMPLE GUIDE TO DESIGNING MECHA WEAPONRY: Designing weapons for your mecha can be a very daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Just follow these simple steps and you'll be building devastating weapons for your mecha in no time! Step 1.   

Step 14.

SIZE RELATIONS, WHEN TOO BIG ISN'T BIG ENOUGH: Real quick! How do you tell how big a mecha is after designing it? Well that depends entirely upon what's in its immediate vicinity and what that object actually is. What a mecha is standing next to in    

Step 15.

ARMOR TYPES: Before jumping into designing your mecha, you should know what type of mecha it is you wish to draw. Is it gonna be a light-agile mecha with high mobility, a Heavy miltiary-type, carrying enough weapons to take out an entire city, or wi   

Step 16.

LIGHT ARMOR-TYPE MECHA: Let's start with the 1st armor type, the Light Armor-Type Mecha! "If your the type that doesn't feel very comfortable drawing a highly detailed mecha yet, maybe this is right up your alley!" You'll want this one with a VER   

Step 17.

Good job, now try this out for yourself! Add parts to this mecha's body the way I've taught you so far, using your own imagination and references! Don't worry if it doesn't come out looking perfect, it's just for practice! So how did ya do, feeling m   

Step 18.

MEDIUM ARMOR-TYPE MECHA: Alright, now we'll tackle the 2nd armor type, the Medium Armor-Type Mecha! "For those of you who like a little more meat on your mecha's bones, this one's for you!" The skeleton for this one isn't much different from the Lig   

Step 19.

It's that time again! Great job in keeping up so far, I commend your diligence, but now it's time to get YOUR hands dirty with another practice exercise! Using just your imagination, references and what I've taught you so far, turn this guy into a mi   

Step 20.

HEAVY ARMOR-TYPE MECHA: Last one on the list is the 3rd armor type, the Heavy Armor-Type Mecha! "Whoever said Bigger Is Better, wasn't kidding!" We'll have to start with a much Bigger and Wider skeleton for this guy, For his proportions to work mech   

Step 21.

Excellent work on getting this far, you're almost done! You know what time it is NOW right? Yep, it's time to do it yourself again! So it's time to pull out all of the stops, push your brains to their limits! Using nothing, but your own imagination a   

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