How to Draw a Robot for Kids

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Make an egg shape for the robot's head and draw two guides, one for the face, and the other for the body.


Trace the shape you just drew for the head and or face, and then draw out the side mechanical attachments to the sides of the head. Add some antenna, and move along!


Draw out the large eyes, and then line them with a crescent line on the inside to add some depth. Make a very basic robot mouth, and then sketch in some detailing for the ear.


Make small circles for the shoulders, and then draw in the noodle sized arms and draw robot hands.


Make a very basic H shaped body like you see here. This will later be detailed into sections with the next step.


Here is where you will draw out the detailing lines on the limbs, and hands. Draw the door on its chest, and then make the same lines on the legs. Erase any of the visible mistakes and guides you drew in step one for proper clean up.


This is the last step and as you can see it's all line art. Look how simple and fun it was to draw a robot for kids. Thank you for joining me with another exciting tutorial.

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August 30, 2011

Description: Well, I think it’s about that time that we call it a night for me and for my tutorial day. Even though I’m leaving you all, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be back. To end things in a good way, I thought a simple tutorial on "how to draw a robot for kids", step by step would be a good call. I know I have been uploading so many cartoon style stuff including animals and characters, I have a wonderful drawing day ahead for you guys tomorrow. I will try to submit everything early so when you come home from school you have something to look forward to when you visit Dragoart again. A robot or robots are simple figures to create, but they can be complex if you are going for something detailed. This concept was specially made for those of you that haven’t a clue how to go about drawing a robot. The idea for a mechanical man replacement can vary, but I made sure that a very basic version was drawn. I think that you will find this a helpful tutorial because at least you can teach yourself something that you were thinking about tackling, in a very common or original way. That’s all I have for this description so I advise you to try out the submission and let me know what you thing about drawing a robot for kids. Adios my fellow artists and remember, don’t let the drive to draw die!

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