How to Draw a Robot Dragon, Mecha Dragon


1.Okay, so want to learn how to draw a dragon mecha! Well there are few things I'll need to point out first before we begin! First-off is Structure! Everything in the world is built up from basic shapes, Circles, Ovals, Ellipses, Rectangles, Trian   


2.What you'll need is a plan and resources to get you started, so grab anything that you can find. Pics of Dragons and other animals, Machines (inside and out), Buildings, things in Nature, Lego building blocks(Especially ones from the Technic series   


3.That's not bad! See how easy that was, now we have a skeleton we can build upon and we used a lot of the lines and basic shapes I spoke of earlier! Now since this is going to be a Whelp Mecha, I'll need to build it's body mass up like that of a bab   


4.We'll create with round curvy-type shapes. You want to give an impression of metallic muscle when working on an organic Mecha, so try to pay close attention to that especially when working on the legs, chest and back! Draw circles or ovals on b   


5.Keep going, We're almost there! Add Lines and shapes to further define your dragon. With this dragon I wanted to put emphasize on it's flight capabilities, so instead of just plane old wings that flap, I made them into thrusters whose feather-like    


6.Sometimes, if not often, your not going to like your first attempt at this! Remember it's part of the learning process. You WILL get better at this the more you practice! I was not liking the way her mouth was looking and those spikes on her head w   


7.Now comes the best part... CUSTOMIZE THAT BABY!! Start adding in little details, exhaust holes for steam, or smoke to spew out from. Nose holes, ventilation grates, anything you can think of to help breathe life into your dragon. If you find it   


8.Round-out those shoulders don't forget to accent those moving parts. Think rubber insulation, or springs, things that bend. Robots usually have some type of insulation protecting delicate parts in that region. Also define those forearms, think scre   


9.Almost done, that's looking pretty good so far! Keep adding details. You may want add things like small holes, or grates that allows a person to look inside at vital parts or circuitry. Objects furthest from view usually don't need to be too de   


10.Congratulations, your hard work has finally paid-off! You made it through to the very end and now I hope you have a better understanding of how to approach the often-times very frustrating concept of drawing Dragon Mecha. Remember to use all o   

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January 1, 2013

Description: If you've ever been frustrated trying to draw Dragon Mecha, worry no more! I'll show you how it's done!

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