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How to Draw Spaceships, Spaceship

Artist: KenshinEien / March 3, 2013
How to Draw Spaceships, Spaceship

Step 1.

Alright guys, I'm back again with another Great Tutorial in the "How To Draw" Series! This time you get to learn how to draw..... SPACESHIPS!! (nwn) I'm going to reveal to you a very simple and easy secret that will have you creating huge Armadas of    

Step 2.

So we start with a few RANDOM shapes, you don't even have to really think about it! just draw a bunch of shapes and fit the ends together like in this step, that's it!

Step 3.

The ONLY things you need to be concerned with in the early stages of development are what areas you will be putting things like Thusters, or Gun Turrets/Missle Pods, maybe Living Quarters, things like that and mark those areas with a small mark to he   

Step 4.

There we go! No thought whatsoever went into making these shapes and they will serve our purpose just fine! You can make as MUCH, or LITTLE shapes as you like, in any SHAPE and SIZE you want!

Step 5.

Now with that out of the way, I can start adding "Dimension" (Make them 3D) to my shapes!

Step 6.

"Fast Forward!" Now we have a GREAT base to build upon, SIMPLE as that!

Step 7.

Ya didn't think we were done already did you? There's still a lot more we can do to this baby! So lets add some more shapes to it! Remember to keep it RANDOM and for this go around, you'll want to make them of varying shapes and sizes!

Step 8.

Alright! We got ourselves a base for a MIGHTY Battleship! Now all we have to do is start finalizing this rough sketch with some crisp, clean lines! Now's the time to start plotting where specific details will go, like windows (for living quarters, or   

Step 9.

Continue on finalizing your sketch until you have cleaned up all of the rough sketch lines!

Step 10.

10. Moving on!

Step 11.

Okay, we're nearing the final stretch! We've finished cleaning up our sketch, NOW WHAT? Don't stop here! Now we begin adding paneling to give our Spaceship that Sci-Fi look!

Step 12.

LOTS AND LOTS OF PANELING!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Sorry about all of that guys! It's just me being meticulous, when you're designing paneling for your Spaceships, you don't have to draw that many lines for your paneling, but it does help cover    

Step 13.

Remember when I told you to plot out places for things like Weapons and such? Now we start adding weapons to those parts of our Battleship and since our Ship is pretty simple in it's design, we'll add some simple weaponry to get it by! We start with    

Step 14.

14. Then the Barrels for all of the Cannons!

Step 15.

How was that for Simple and Effective! One Flagship any Admiral would be proud to Command! Next up is an Alien ship, then a Fighter Ship. These will be Quick!

Step 16.

Alien Space Ships... Where do I begin on this one? Well, luckily for you I have some type of idea! When it comes to Alien Ships, "The Weirder, The Better!" So you have a wide variety of things to draw inspiration from, like nature for one! Organic ob   

Step 17.

Now we define the Head/Cockpit area to look a little more like a bug with a few SIMPLE, well placed strokes. So far, so good and to help with the Crab features, we'll add some lines to give a "Slight" impression of pincers to the wings of our Alien S   

Step 18.

Alright, were almost done! We just need to finalize this one with some crisp lines and that'll be it!

Step 19.

I'll just add some small details here and there and that's all there is to it! Another Spaceship done, with HARDLY any real thought put into it... And I bet you guys thought this would be HARD, huh...? HARD-LY! Last one up is the Fighter Ship!

Step 20.

Okay, I've got just a few slots left for steps, so I'm gonna try and make this quick! (^V^) Just follow these simple steps! We start with the Cockpit, think of this like how we did the Flagship. you start with a large outlined shape and then draw lin   

Step 21.

Then, once we have a decent base to work with, we add further details like Weapons, Thrusters, or whatever else we can come up with!

Step 22.

We're done with the base, so now we can start finalizing it!

Step 23.

Just go over the initial sketch with crisp lines, like before!

Step 24.

Now Fine-Tune your finished sketch with a few extra details and you're done!! Well, that's it for another Tutorial from yours truly! I hope this Tutorial has been very helpful to you all! ~KenshinEien~ If any of you have questions about any m   

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Description: This time you get to learn how to draw..... SPACESHIPS!! (nwn)