How to Draw a Robot Tiger, Mecha Tiger


1. Alright I'm back again with another great tutorial, this time you'll learn how to draw Tiger Mecha! The idea's intimidating I'm sure, but I'll guide you through it. If any you feel confident enough, you can try to make your very own using the guid   


2. When working on animal mecha I like to use references from real animals, that helps a lot when trying to visualize my mechas, for this one I used about 7 different pics of tigers in different poses, from different angles to inspire me and to give    


3. If you've been following with me thus far, you can see that this guy is really starting to take shape! If at any time in the bulking-up process you start to get a clearer idea of what you want certain parts of your mecha to look like, you can go   


4. Looking good so far. Add Lines and shapes to further define your Tiger. With this one I want to put emphasis on it's claws, body and tail. I wanted something about it's body to convey sharpness like a blade and I wasn't sure whether I wanted it's    


5. Alright, here comes the best part, CUSTOMIZE!! Time to finalize your sketch with some nice crisp lines! Start adding in your details take a look at some references to draw inspiration if you need to! Draw extra lines on objects that look too flat    


6. Just a few more steps, we're almost there! Round-out those shoulders don't forget to accent those moving parts. Think rubber insulation, or springs, things that bend. Robots usually have some type of insulation protecting delicate parts in that re   


7. Keep adding details! You may want to add things like small holes, or grates that allows a person to look inside at vital parts or circuitry. Objects furthest from view usually don't need to be too detailed unless they are meant to draw a persons a   


8. Wow, I got lucky!! It helped define the image without going overboard! Taking calculated risks sometimes pays off! Well that ends another Tutorial in the "How To Draw Mecha" series! I hope you all found this tutorial helpful in you quest to draw A   

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January 5, 2013

Description: For anyone whose ever wanting to draw Animal Mecha!

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