How to Draw a Sleeping Moon


Ok, there will be many steps in this tutorial; first, let's start with the basic guidelines, and make sure to draw these ever so lightly so they won't interfere with your permanent lines.


Next, let's start by drawing the moon first! Draw the shape of the face and then the body which encompasses it.


Using thinner line weights, sketch the face of the moon as well as the craters inside of it.


Now, let's draw the rope which is tied to the moon, which then later will attach to the hammock.


Next, draw the shape of the hammock, leaving a few open spaces for the body to drawn into.


Then, draw the face of the girl.


Next, draw the hair which frames her face shape which as well overlaps the hammock.


Then, draw her arms which will be holding a book.


After that, fill in the book between her hands.


Next, draw her body sitting inside the hammock.


Lastly, draw the 'Z's' transcending from the moon's mouth.


Once you're comfortable with the way you've drawn all the steps, erase the preliminary guidelines and you should end up with this result! I hope you guys have had a blast drawing this concept, because I had so much fun making it!

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January 9, 2022

Description: I thought this would be a wicked cool idea for a drawing tutorial; a moon falling to sleep to a girl reading to it, swinging in a hammock tied to the moon. I really freaked out on the idea of this tutorial and I knew in my heart that a lot of others would totally enjoy this one. I haven't drawn many concept work where my creativity had the chance to blossom into cool concepts. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a moon and hammock girl!

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