How to Draw Dark Gothic Art


Start off with the guides and shapes for both the girl and the crow.


Using the circle guide you just made go ahead and start forming the shape of the girl's face structure. As you can see we start at the top and work our way around.


Step away from the girl for a moment so we can start the drawing process for the crow. Start with the head and then draw the crow's beak which is kind of long. Create the feathery neck and some of the back too.


All you have to do is draw the eyeball and color it in. Complete the beak and add the pointed tongue inside the mouth, then sketch in some small feathers to add texture to the face.


Continue to work on the drawing for the crow. We will actually almost complete the crow's formation and you can do this by drawing the arches for both wings and then draw the chest of the bird. Sketch in the detailing to form the feathers too.


All that is left to do for the crow is the addition of the legs and feet. The toes should be long and skinny with long clawed nals. Then draw the shoulder and then the lining for the flowing of the girl's hair.


Okay, go ahead and draw some of the body on the right side of the drawing. This should include the collar for the sweater that she is wearing and some of the jacket on the opposite side. Sketch in definition to the left shoulder too.


Up next we will get the head and hair drawn out. This is a style that is loose or is drawn in to make the hair look wavy, long and sort of thin. This is created by manipulating the direction of the lines that forms the hair. Sketch in the detailing t   


We will use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of the eyes. The lids should be thick and bold and the lashes should be long. Add the crease of the eyelid too.


To give this dark gothic girl a dark expression we will draw the thick eyebrows in a pose that makes it look like she is being aggressive or just rebellious. Add the eyeballs and then start the shape of the nose. Don't forget to add the crinkle betwe   


For the last drawing step you will complete the face by drawing the shape of the nose. I wanted some nose jewelry so I drew in a nose ring stud. You can leave this out, but it definitely adds to the character. Draw in the mouth which are her full lip   


That's it. You are all done. It is now time to color in the drawing and do this before you show folks who or what you drew. i hope you liked this lesson folks.

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June 6, 2019

Description: Hey guys! Are y'all ready for another fun concept of something that I really enjoyed? In this tutorial, I will be aiding you through the process on 'how to draw a gothic crow girl', The idea for this actually was based on a female version of Eric Draven from The Crow. I had fun working on this and I know a lot of the gothic folks will also be pleased with this one. If you guys have any requests for future tutorials, especially concepts or tattoo designs, please let me know, I always love a good challenge!

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