Moon Child Art, How to Draw

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You will just simply draw a circle for the face/head shape and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, use the facial guidelines to draw in the shape of her first eye. The lid should be thick which is her lashes. Add the crease lid line and then sketch out the nose and then her lips. Add some detailing and definition and then proceed to step thr   


As you can see you will draw in the style of her hair which is long and straight and flowing to the right. Eventually her hair will wrap around the base of the moon.


You will now draw the shape of the moon. It's just a crescent shape so you will only need to form the moon shape.


You will add more hair strands to wrap around the base of the moon and make sure they are flowing nicely as they look like they are blowing in the breeze.


You will now draw the clouds as they are scattered inside the moon and then add the cheese holes on the moon as well. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and guides.


Now that you are done you can color in your drawing to make it complete. I hope you had fun, don't forget to share your art with Drawinghub so I can check out your work.

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October 6, 2020

Description: Hello everyone, welcome back to another lesson and today and it will be on something easy and very pretty. Here, we will be learning how to draw a Moon Child, step by step. The moon child is actually a young girl's face with eyes closed and a shape of a moon with scattered clouds within the sphere of the moon. I really love the way this drawing came out and I am very excited to be sharing it with all of you. I shall return with another lesson in a bit so stick around to see what it will be.

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