Learn to Draw a Face and Moon with Ease


Begin with the face guidelines and shape.


Go ahead and use the guides to draw the profile of the girl's face as well as the headband she is wearing and some of her hair.


Next, draw the profile of the moon's face and then work on getting the girl's eye drawn out and the rest of the face and ear. Draw in the hairline and face definition. Add the stars on her bandanna.


For the last step you will draw in her hair and earring, then draw in the moon's face the way you see it done for you here. Erase the mistakes and guides since this is the last drawing step.


When your drawing is complete you should end up with art that looks like the drawing you see here. Now just add some color.

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April 9, 2023

Description: Hello everyone and Happy Easter. Today I wanted to stop by and upload a lesson I made today while I was killing time. Here is my interpretation on how to draw a face and moon, step by step. I made sure to make this a simple concept because I know how difficult it can be drawing the profile of a face or face profiles. I hope you guys enjoy this lesson. If you do or even don't, give it a like, love, fav, comment and even share. Thanks!

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