How to draw a Sleeping dog

Artist: Artist_lover242 / December 30, 2013

Step 1.

For this dog i used many materials but yet, not a lot. I used white, grey, and black charcoal, 2b through 6b pencil, and a kneaded eraser as well as a spreader stump, but you can use a tissue if you don't have one

Step 2.

draw a circle and what would be the rough shape of the body. this dog is laying down so picture that.

Step 3.

this part is hard to look at without thinking it is incorrect but, for this step you have to draw two closed eyes(i did one slightly open)but the weird part is the muzzle but don't worry about that

Step 4.

now add some hair to his/her ears(what you want it to be)and add the nose it basically is a heart with two dot in it with a line to connect it to the body.

Step 5.

Now this step is just a light angle it is to the top right(if i am right?) always keep it lighter as it gets closer to the sunshine thingy also dont forget to erase at the end

Step 6.

now to start with the hair, follow the flow of the hair to help maybe even look a picture of a dogs face to help.I used a mix of normal pencil and the graphite pencils

Step 7.

same as before but add fluff to the ears to!! and remember to keep the shading in

Step 8.

for the body use about these long of strokes and always put pressure: and let it go!!

Step 9.

almost done now, use your black coal the make a shadow, than spread it using you stump, an finally use a layer of hb pencil at first

Step 10.

now use you graphite pencils to make darker areas where needed. Also maybe add some whit lines to the fur for age of complexion.

Step 11.

You are done!!! clean up the mess you have made over time and enjoy it thanks for looking at my tut and please leave a comment or two

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Artist: Artist_lover242
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Description: Hi this is my first realistic tut and i hope you like it today we are going to draw a sleeping dog. This is pretty fun to draw but can be frustration to help, have a clean paper and towel. Happy new year!!