How to draw an English Mastiff


First of all just draw the outlining of the Mastiff. Don't worry just yet about shading or adding detail. When drawing, be careful and do not rush it so it doesn't look scruffy or carelessly completed. This should take a maximum of 5-10 minutes.


Now that you have done the outline, start shading the back leg and tail. Their should be slight hints of there the sun is shining on the leg, and dark hints too, to show textures of the fur. The tail should start really dark on the tip, gradually get   


Lets start on the belly and back. The belly should be dark shaded, with lighter gaps then getting dark again to resemble fur. Then, the rib cage should have dark tones, having lighter shades too to resemble the sun shining on the dog to make it far m   


Just complete back, back leg (making sure there is a much darker base to resemble that there is no sunlight shining on it what so ever, and that the first one is blocking the way), move to the neck with the same shade texture than the back leg.


Now all we have left to shade is the head. But first, draw a eye which is not too big or small so the mastiff doesn't look odd. Shade the ear with a dark texture, which is common with all mastiff dogs. There should be a dark line in the center of the   


Now just complete the rest of the face. Around the eye and muzzle must be really dark in shade, to resemble that mastiff look with a slight light on the face. Draw a circle spot on the cheek and then you should be complete!

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October 19, 2013

Description: English Mastiffs are one of the most gentlest breeds of dog, despite their huge, muscular size. Originating from England, hence the name, the Mastiff (also know as) is thought to be the most ancient breed originating from there. Used as guarding, mastiffs still retain this instinct unless trained really well, but naturally, English Mastiffs are more likely to lick than bite! Today, i have decided to draw a Mastiff, for all of you to draw. It is a realistic art, so it wont be too easy, however not too hard. Follow the steps and Shading techniques for better results.

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