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How to Draw Skull Tattoos, Skull Tattoos

Artist: Dawn / July 11, 2013
How to Draw Skull Tattoos, Skull Tattoos

Step 1.

Like always start off with guides. Here you will draw a circle for the shape of the skull, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Next, begin sketching out the bone structure of the skull's face. As you can see t his skull is going to be on a tilted back slant which means the face will appear to be lifted. Draw the front part of the head which is also called the forehead.

Step 3.

We will sketch out the nice thick outlining of the horns. Of course you can choose to leave the horns out of this drawing, it's all up to you. The lining for the horns should have some texture as y ou see here.

Step 4.

Finish sketching out the cranium or back part of the skull. It should appear long because of the angle it is being drawn in. Sketch in all the textural detailing to the skull bone, then sketch in the definition to the horns. All parts of the skull sh   

Step 5.

Finish your drawing by completing the face of this skull. Do this by drawing the upper jaw or mandible. Add the row of uneven teeth for a realistic feel, then sketch in the eye sockets as well as the nose. Carefully add all the definition on the skul   

Step 6.

Here is how your line art looks when finished. Now all you have to do is choose if you want to color in your work.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 11, 2013
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Tags: draw skulls, how to draw skull tattoos
Description: This is a digital painting I made a couple days ago and while I was live I also worked on it because I really wanted to finish it off so I can submit it as a lesson. To start the day I will finish uploading my tuts from yesterday that I didn't get a chance to do. So here is "how to draw skull tattoos", step by step. What I love about this drawing (besides the painting) is the concept design. I love how the skull came out looking like it has this rocky texture to go with rough horns. In another view of this skull you could either say it's have bull half man, or you can say it is the skull of the devil. Whatever idea that comes to mind works for me. Now that I have uploaded this lesson, it's now time for you to start drawing a tattoo of a skull in your own way. Peace out people and enjoy.