How to Draw a Time Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / May 7, 2013

Step 1.

Make a simple circle for the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Here you will define the shape of the skull's head, then sketch in the edgy bone structure for the temples and the cheeks.

Step 3.

Next, draw out the eye sockets, which are in an expressive state. The eyes are supposed to come out looking serious or angry, but you can tweak this step and give your skull face any expression you like.Add detailing around the eyes, then color in th   

Step 4.

Up next, we will explore drawing out the nose. Obviously skulls don't have noses, just the hole where there was a nose. Once you draw out the shape, color it in. You will then add more detailing on the bridge part of the nose, as well as the bony det   

Step 5.

This step will be all about finishing the skull's head and face. You will need to draw out the upper jaw completely and this will include the teeth. Try and make the teeth nice and neat as well as clean lined. Add detailing to the jaw, then add detai   

Step 6.

Now you will draw in the numbers on the skull's forehead as well as the clock arms. Sketch in all the cracks on the forehead of the skull, then erase all the mistakes as well as the guidelines you made in step one.

Step 7.

This is what you end up with when you're done. Now all you have to do is color in the skull to perfection the way you want it shaded.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 7, 2013
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Description: Here is a wicked cool skull design that I came up and so far it's a big hit because everyone in my house loves it. At first it was just a random sketch of a skull that had a clock on its forehead. I was listening to Pink Floyd's song 'Time' when I drew the skull you see before you now. Of course I did receive some suggestions and ideas from other members and visitors. In general I think you will like this tutorial on "how to draw a time tattoo" in the form of a skull. As you can see I left some soft looking hair on the sides of the skull's head so it looks like a decrepit decaying old man that time got to which is why he died. Time can sometimes be on your side, but ultimately it's against you because each day that goes by, brings you closer to your grave. Enjoy this lesson people.