How to Draw a Lamb

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First step. Here you will draw out all the guidelines and circles to help you draw the lamb with ease. Because the lamb is in a 3/4 view position, the circles will be overlapping each other. Starting at the top draw a medium sized circle for the head   


Here is where you will actually draw out the face, ears, and legs of the lamb. Starting at the top like always lightly sketch in the eyes, nose and mouth as shown above. Look how innocent he is staring to look. Then sketch out the big floppy ears. Af   


In this short step you will be drawing out the two hind legs and detailing parts of the face like the left ear, and light sketching on the face and head. drawing the back legs is really simple because the lining is thick and bold. After you do this m   


This is a wicked short step because all you will be doing is detailing and defining parts of the lambs body. Look at the face and sketch in the subtle lines shown, then detail the knee caps, and hooves. After your done detailing the lamb you can go r   


Here is the finished line art when you are completely done drawing your lamb. Aw isn't he so cute. All you have to do now is either add some shading and keep the drawing as a sketch or color him in with a soft whitish grey color. Your choice. You did   

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February 24, 2008

Description: In this tutorial I will be showing you how to draw a lamb. Now, lambs have been around since the dawn of time. As you all know lambs are baby sheep and are probably one of the cutest looking animals on the planet. If you have ever seen a lamb close up you would know why I say they are cute, no adorable. They can be found on pastures and domestic farms, and are usually raised for their wool and sadly for their meat. One of the most popular things today is the meat of a lamb, I never had this type of meat and I never will. I think it is absolutely inhuman to kill a little innocent creature that hasn’t even had the opportunity to grow up and become a full sized sheep. I fell the same way about calves as well, how we use them for veal, thanks but no thanks. I don’t know too much about lambs but I do know that most of them are born around spring time. This is because ewes or sheep's are seasonal animals, nature intended for this species of animal to mate in the fall months so that they would give birth in the spring when the weather is much milder and the grass is much more robust, this also increases the lamb’s odds of survival. An interesting fact about sheep is that, it only takes them 7-8 months to become mature enough to mate from the time they are born, less than a year old. WOW. Talk about having children to young huh. Ewes only carry their young for a total of five months, and can give birth twice a year. Once a sheep gives birth, the lamb may come out alone or with a brother or two, meaning it is common for a sheep to give birth to more then one lamb. There are also other breeds of sheep that can give birth to litters, anywhere between 4-6 lambs at once, like the Barbados black belly, or the Finn sheep. Once a lamb is born, it can weight any where from 6-10 pounds depending on sex, birth type (number of lambs born at once), and by the nutrition the mother received while pregnant. Lambs are relatively helpless when they are born; it takes them a good thirty minutes before they are able to stand on their own. Because the lamb is born in spring, it is often associated with Easter, like other baby animals like, chicks, and ducklings. Around Christmas holiday the lamb is used in nativity displays to symbolize the Lamb of God. At any rate the lamb is a peaceful, gentle, docile animal around. This tutorial will show you how to draw a lamb step by step. The instructions are super simple to understand and read to make it that much easier to draw a lamb.

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