How to draw a dragon Skin Based Wing

Artist: Dawn / December 1, 2007

Step 1.

Begin the wing with three basic circles. The bottom circle is the base of the wing, the next circle is the elbow, and the top circle is the dragon's hand. After those circles are lines to attach them. Make sure the wing has a good span too. You don't   

Step 2.

Next, draw three more lines coming out of the hand. These are going to be the fingers. For example, look at a human hand. Just picture your hand having long fingers with webbing between them. So what we're going to do is make three circles on each li   

Step 3.

Now we're going to make the wing's muscle. Incase dragons fly, the wing has to have some muscular structure. Thin arms can't flap a heavy dragon in the sky. The arms have to have big meaty muscles. Don't forget to draw a claw on each finger.

Step 4.

Remember those circles? We have to draw over them. Now the wing looks like it has real fingers. The next step is going to be so hard! Get ready!

Step 5.

Now here's the fun part. We have to make those 'muscles' show. Draw some curved lines coming out of the bicep. You also want your wing to have some 'crunch' to it. Can you see those meaty lines at the edges of the bicep? Thats the 'crunch.' Begin dra   

Step 6.

Now draw some wrinkles in the webbing. Some rips and and holes will also make your dragon seem old. Make wrinkles receding from the corners of the webbing. Now the wing looks perfect for battle!

Step 7.

Erase your tracing lines, finish some little details, and your done for today! Good luck with making wings!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Oh, welcome to my tutorial on how to draw a dragon; skin-based wing. Everyone knows what a dragon wing looks like a bat’s right? A bat’s wing resembles a human hand too! If you were to extend the fingers of a human hand, then you would have a dragon or bat wing. The difference between a dragon and bat wing is that a dragon wing is fictional and a bat’s wing is smaller and is non-fictional. I drew this wing a while ago so I’m just updating this so it helps you out a lot more. This lesson will be very easy to read and follow so you should have no difficulties in drawing it. Have you ever wondered why dragon wings have those pieces of skin attached to each wing finger? What is that for you ask? It’s for the wing to shift through the air. Every time a dragon flaps it wings, the wing thrusts the wind. I would love to have a pair of dragon wings. I’ve always dreamt about becoming an all powerful dragon. When I was a kid I wish I could shape-shift into any creature I wanted. I used to be obsessed with the aliens from the alien series. Then I would shape-shift into a dream dragon that has multiple powers. Anyways, on with the tutorial shall we? In this lesson you will be learning how to draw a dragon's wing. A skin based wing looks like a bat's. Ever try to make a wing but it always comes out terrible? All you need to have is a pencil, kneaded eraser, and paper. Now, like always, I will guide you through this tutorial. It took me a few hours to make this wing nice and realistic. I used my Wacom tablet and used it on the Adobe Photoshop CS program. I hope this tutorial comes of use for you. Have fun!