How To Draw Thomas Jefferson

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This step is going to be on drawing out the facial frame of Thomas Jefferson. Start by drawing one large circle shape for the main part of the head, and then another smaller circle shape that overlaps the larger one for the lower part of the face. Li   


Step 2 is going to show you how to sketch in his facial features. But first lets draw in his head of hair which is very simple, just look at the drawing above to help guide you with the lining. Now you can go ahead and lightly sketch in his eyebrows    


Here is where you will finish drawing out the face and shirt. Using your pencil, lightly sketch in his wavy looking hair, and thickening eyebrows. Take your time adding definition and detail to his hair and face. Color in his eyeballs, and detail the   


This is a very short step, all you are doing is detailing his shirt and collar. After you are satisfied with your sketch you can erase all the guidelines and circle shapes that you drew in step 1.


And this is what old Tommy boy should look like when you are completely done with your sketch. And this concludes the tutorial on how to draw Thomas Jefferson.

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February 24, 2008

Description: This tutorial will be on how to draw Thomas Jefferson step by step, one of the most influential men of history. As some of you may know, he was the third president of the United States of America, and was a powerful advocate of liberty. He was born in Albemarle County, Virginia in the year 1743. His father, Peter Jefferson was a planter and surveyor by trade. His mother Jane Randolph was the first cousin to Peyton Randolph. It wasn’t until 1952 Thomas started to attend at a local school, and by the time he was 9 he was already studying Latin, Greek, and French. With the passing of his father at age 14 or 1757, he was left 5,000 acres of land and a few dozen slaves. Thomas Jefferson enrolled into the college of William & Mary in 1760 which made him 16 at the time. There he stayed for two years and studied philosophy, and mathematics. While attending school he perfected his French and Greek language. He was also interested in music as well and often practiced playing the violin. In 1762 Jefferson graduated with highest honors. It wasn’t until 1772 that he married his first wife Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, she was a 23 year old widow and together they had a total of six children, and all where girls. Sadly, only two of them lived past their third birthday, the rest died when they where only one and three years old. In 1978 he eventually built his home on the land he inherited from his father which in time became known as Monticello which means “little mountain” in Italian. Shortly after that his wife Martha died on September 6, 1782. Jefferson never remarried another woman, but some speculate that he may have fathered several children from one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. Thomas Jefferson was a tall man, he had freckles and sandy colored hair, he also had a very eloquent domineer as a correspondent, but really did not do well as a public speaker. Jefferson was known to be the “silent member” of congress. He was given this name because he contributed his pen more then his voice when it came to the patriot cause. At the age of 33 Thomas Jefferson drafted the declaration of independence. It wasn’t until some years later that he worked to make his words become a reality and was also known for writing the bill for religious freedom that was enacted in 1786. In the thick of party conflict in 1800, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a private letter, "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

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