How To Draw a Realistic Rottweiler

Artist: DuskEyes969 / August 9, 2013

Step 1.

Start off with a few simple shapes for the head, jaw and body . Then some details

Step 2.

Draw a few guidelines to know at all time in which direction the hair grows . These are very important , it give the hair a very realistic feel .

Step 3.

The next steps will be very time consuming because you have to cover a pretty large area in hair, it's not particularly hard to do, it just takes a lot of time and patience . This is just my second time drawing short hair, so we're not very far apart   

Step 4.

The same technique is used on this, the only thing that differs is the length of the lines . This is why it's so time consuming, short hair=longer time , long hair=shorter time .

Step 5.

Ok, once you figured out how to draw fur, begin with the eyes .If you notice there are smudged parts, those are there to remind me where the darker hair is in the more important zones .

Step 6.

Now, make 3 layers on the nose . A black one, a medium grey one and a light grey one. This is the foundation on which you will add the details .

Step 7.

Smudge with a little piece of paper or a qtip to make a nice transition between the layers .

Step 8.

Add details using a sharp dark pencil and a kneaded eraser or white pastel, i used both .

Step 9.

Now you have a realistic nose .

Step 10.

Having the nose has a starting point, draw the fur as is grows towards the forehead .

Step 11.

What I did was start from two points and slowly connecting them ,trust me, it's a lot easier this way.

Step 12.

Continue towards the ear . This takes a lot of time, so please, do not rush .

Step 13.

The ear is mostly black . Be sure to have a dark layer on which to draw the visible hair .

Step 14.

Now slowly go towards the mouth .

Step 15.

Be sure to have sharp pencils at ALL TIME . otherwise it will look sloppy .

Step 16.

Now make the inside of the mouth, don't leave the back teeth completely white, add a very light layer of grey over them .

Step 17.

Now make the lower jaw, which you will connect it to the upper jaw shortly .

Step 18.

This part was a bit tricky because the hair grows in a strange way here, and I was a bit confused . It grows in an S shape , so remember that while doing this .

Step 19.

Now the rest is mostly black .

Step 20.

For the background I used graphite powder and some cotton to smudge it . Then with an eraser I made that model, the effect is a blurred background. You can make this background, or you can make your own unique one using the same easy method . It only   

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello, this is a tutorial on how to draw a rottweiler .In case you haven't noticed, rottweilers are dogs . Big strong massive dogs capable of serious damage. They are used by the police , because they're smart and bulky, which means they can carry things . I love these dogs , and if you do too , I hope you find this tutorial helpful .