How to Draw a Shiba Inu

Artist: jolly / January 23, 2015

Step 1.

Step one, draw bean shape circles for the head, body and waist. For the head draw a cross guideline to help get an idea were the eyes, noes, and mouth should go.

Step 2.

Step two, draw three more bean shapes on the upper body and waist for the guides for the legs. Then draw the guides for the paws which should also be circles. Connect the circles to help you give an idea on how long the legs are.

Step 3.

Step three, time to draw the basic shape of the body. Shibas are sharp and their fur has a distinct shape compared to other dogs. The upper head should have pointy cheeks and the body should be a bit bulky and square.

Step 4.

Step four, use the guidelines that you drew earlier to help draw the legs and feet. The legs should be chubby and connect to the circle to the bottom part of the paw. The paw should be flat on the ground and have three lines for each tow. The front l   

Step 5.

Step five, draw the face. You don't have to, but I gave my shiba drawing squnity looking eyes because it is cute. The noes should be big and round at the top and pointy at the bottom. The mouth is like a three shape and give him a smile.

Step 6.

Step six, finish off the details of the face. It is optional but I drew the shiba's tongue sticking out. For the cheeks I added lines for fluff and then I added fluff to the chest.

Step 7.

Step seven, the ears. The ears should be a triangle shape, round at the bottom, and sharp at the tip. Also do not forget to add some fluff and lines in the ear.

Step 8.

Step eight, the tail. The tail is big, round, and fluffy. The tail should be a swirl shape and overlap the shiba's body a little.

Step 9.

Step nine, finally clean up your sketch and outline your drawing.

Step 10.

Step nine, finally clean up your sketch and outline your drawing.

Step 11.

Step ten, time to color. Shibas are a light brown-ish orange and their under belly is white.

Step 12.

Finally clean up and other sketch marks and shape up your drawing. I hope you enjoyed this tutorials and if you have any suggestions for tutorials fill free to ask me!

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Description: Shiba inus is a dog breed that originated from Japan. They are gaining popularity due to the famous internet 'doge' meme.