How To Draw Tom Araya From Slayer

Artist: DuskEyes969 / August 9, 2013

Step 1.

Start with the overall shape of the body and hair, guidelines for the face , face details and finish with the microphone . The microphone can be done any way you like ,since it't not the main subject in this composition thus it does not have any prio   

Step 2.

As you can see, I've added a few hair guide lines. These are far less important on curly hair than they are on straight hair , where the hair has to have a straight growing path and direction, whereas curly hair goes everywhere .

Step 3.

As always, I start with the eyes, and I recommend you do the same. Starting with the eyes has advantages, if you're not absolutely sure about your sketch and how the shading part with look, starting with the eyes is the best idea on a portrait since    

Step 4.

A bit of shade around the face.

Step 5.

Now the mouth, make sure to let the teeth white . Is it just me or does he look like James Hetfield in this step ?

Step 6.

The microphone is very easy to shade, if you ever drew a cylinder , you shouldn't have problems here . Dark on one side, light on the other , grey in between .

Step 7.

Now begins the not so hard but time consuming part . AS you can see I've made a couple of tentacle-like things ....... Those should be dark and around them should be lighter areas, to give the hair a feel of volume .

Step 8.

Of course I've made more than just two tentacle thingies . As you can see the areas between them is lighter, but it has the same texture. To make dark curly hair you need a layer of grey on which you will work with a soft dark pencil . Sharp tip , re   

Step 9.

I forgot to mention that in the last step I made the beard, which I didn't really make, you make it stand out by doing the surrounding area, since the beard is almost white due to the high contrast .

Step 10.

Repeat the process until all the hair is done .

Step 11.

Now, this part is optional. I wanted to draw a model on his t shirt mainly because ....I can . If you think this is too hard or simply don't want to include this in your drawing then you can make the whole t shirt black . Sketch the letters and the h   

Step 12.

This image was edited a bit so it would look more like the actual drawing, I think I wanted to show it to someone . Anyways , start shading the sleeves and fill in the skull with random shadows .

Step 13.

Now fill in with black around the model of the shirt .

Step 14.

A cotton ball and some graphite powder and you got yourself a quick background . Not only is it faster but it looks a lot smoother than pencil lines .

Step 15.

Fill in the rest of the background and you're done . I hope you enjoyed this \m/

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello, this is a tutorial on Tom Araya, singer and bassist for the band Slayer . If you're a fan of the band you may know that Slayer is part of the Big Four, the most badass thrash metal bands, along with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth . Although the band has anti-theistic messages and ridicules religion , Tom Araya is actually catholic , yet he doesn't let the band's songs to affect his beliefs and vice versa . Which I thinks is admirable and worthy of respect . Tom is known for his ability to sing very fast and very loud ........and the scream the from "Angel of death" haha . Anyways, slayer fans, I hope you will enjoy this .