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How to Draw and Color a Cute Lizard-Dragon

Artist: Hurry_up7 / October 4, 2014
How to Draw and Color a Cute Lizard-Dragon

Step 1.

Start by drawing guidelines for the head and body.

Step 2.

Follow your guidelines to outline the furry cheeks and ears. Add some horns too.

Step 3.

Add some details to the ears and outline the features of the face. Add the neck fur.

Step 4.

Draw the outline of the body. The back is arched and there is fluff on the rear and back leg to help the transition from dog to lizard.

Step 5.

Add the limbs. The front legs are normal puppy paws and the back legs resemble that of a bird or reptile.

Step 6.

Add the lizard like tail, following the guideline. Because there is weight being put on it, it bends sharply and creates creases in the skin. Draw in the pupils for the eyes and the lines for the teeth.

Step 7.

Added some details;The nose, more fur around the neck, some feathers on the tip of the tail and some accessories.

Step 8.

Clean up your lines and you are done! Digital artists, onwards to the colouring!

Step 9.

Organize any files you used for the lineart into a folder. Delete or hide the sketch layer.

Step 10.

Create a layer below the lineart folder. Set the lineart folder to Selection Source and use the bucket tool to fill in the base colours. Make sure the bucket tool is set to fill by Selection Source and Transparency Strict. If your lineart has any ga   

Step 11.

Create a layer above the base colours and set it to Clipping Group. This will make sure whatever you draw on this layer won't got outside the layer below. Draw any markings that you would like your creature to have.

Step 12.

Now it's time to colour the lineart.Set your lineart layer/ folder to Preserve Opacity. Choose a colour a bit darker than the darkest colour in your art and fill it all in. Then, choose an even darker colour, even black, and fill in the outer lines.    

Step 13.

If you are feeling fancy you can add a layer and set it to Multiply to shade. If you are feeling really fancy, you can add some Luminosity and Screen layers to add highlights. What you do with it for shading is up to you and how good it looks depends   

Step 14.

To finish off, you can add a white outline, a shadow, both or just leave it as is. Enjoy your new artwork~!

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Artist: Hurry_up7
Date Added: October 4, 2014
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Tags: draw dogs, how to color
Description: I haven't posted here for a while, so here's a tutorial on drawing and colouring! For the colouring part, I assume you are using a digital format and have basic knowledge of layers. Good luck! No lizard-dogs were harmed in the making of this tutorial.