How to Draw Hannibal Lecter From Hannibal

Artist: DuskEyes969 / July 26, 2013

Step 1.

Step 1 , cut a hole in the box..........just kidding . Begin by drawing the outline of the face and suit , along with the guide lines for the face . The second picture may look like Adolf Hitler but I assure you that was not my intention .Finish off    

Step 2.

As you can see here , there are squares all on the sketch , why ? because I used grid sketching in order to make a perfect sketch . How do you do that ? Simple, get the picture you want to draw after, add squares using whatever program is in handy (I   

Step 3.

Shading will be done differently from my other tutorials , doing overall layers of different shades of grey (kinky),just to get the feel of depth , I thought this might be easier way to shade . After this you can add details .

Step 4.

Layers , think of them as the foundation on which you can build a house or whatever .

Step 5.

This is the last layer shading step , although it looks very rough don't worry , there will be more shades of grey as you begin detailing different parts of the face at a time .

Step 6.

Details . Use a really dark pencil around the eyes and a kneaded erase to make the eyebrow effect .

Step 7.

Detail the space between the eyes and then go down the nose .

Step 8.

Now the mouth . You don't need to make the whole thing darker, the last image is just a bit brighter than this one .

Step 9.

From the mouth down to the chin . You can see how there are increasingly more shades of grey than at step 5.

Step 10.

Now for his right cheek and a few extra details under his eyes .

Step 11.

Left cheek, probably should have united this picture with the last one .

Step 12.

Try not to make the lines on his forehead too prominent , you don't want to make him look too old, even thought the actor's 47. If you can observe there are bright lines right under the dark ones , this give the effect of depth .Using only dark lines   

Step 13.

The hair is dark and easy to make with just a few lines .

Step 14.

The suit, again very dark , use a 7B and some paper to smudge it so it won't look rough.

Step 15.

You're done, do a very dark background otherwise your doctor will look cropped .

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Description: Hello people ! This is a tutorial on How to Draw Hannibal Lecter, portrayed here by Mads Mikkelsen in the new show Hannibal . The show is amazing in my opinion , sure Mad's no Anthony Hopkins , he's not a better Hannibal, or worse, he's different and a lot of people don't seem to get that , you either love the show or hate it . Anyways , I've selected a rather dark reference picture, I love drawing dark things , and this one suits the character , somewhat . At first I wanted to make something that included blood, but then it would had been too similar to another favorite character , Dexter. Anyways , I hope you'll find this tutorial a tiny bit helpful and fun. Bye !