How to Draw Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne


First, sketching of course, I know the first step looks weird , but believe me , it's really easy to follow . The sketch is pretty simply, just pay attention to the details of the third step.


Nothing special here, just some toning around the forehead and mouth. Use 8B for the area above the glasses , it should be pitch black .


Shading the forehead is done with a circular motion, a steady hand, and the most dull pencil tip you have . Don't press too hard, in fact , just let the pencil touch the paper, don't press at all. It may take a while , but , I finished this drawing i   


Do the same thing on the other lens , then go on to shading the nose. Same as for the forehead shading, use a very dull pencil, but this time don't use a circular motion , just lines, very close together. Remember, don't use too much pressure.


This part is really easy and shouldn't take very long . Use the same hand motion you use to shade the nose. The darker parts are near the hand and the nose , it would be a good idea to use a 6B on those . On the lips use 2 5B pencils, one sharp, one    


The face is done . Now, the rings and the hand. Use a sharp pencil for the rings . The first one has the flag of England on it and the other one has some sort of cross .To shade the hand use a circular motion and 7B and 8B pencils .


Finish the hand, the comes the hard part, the hair. If you want you can use charcoal for the hair, it's a lot faster, but it's messy , reason why I didn't use it . It will take time, but it's worth it, don't rush, you want that hair to be darker than   

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February 5, 2012

Description: Hello fellow dragoart members ! Today I bring you a tutorial on how to draw Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness . He rocked trough music during the youth of many of your parents, and he still does it today . Along with Black Sabbath , he defined the standards of good metal , he is an icon of metal , who hasn't listened to his songs cannot call himself a metalhead . That is how big his influence is . I hope this comes in handy for you metal lovers out there, enjoy!

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