How to Draw a Zebra, Draw a Realistic Zebra


Start out by picking your pencils. I used an HB pencil for sketching/shading, a 4B pencil for dark shading, and a 4H pencil for light lines and shading. veryone keeps asking me where I get my pencils. If you go to and click on "art s   


Start out with a light sketch of the zebra head. Use the guidelines if you need them.


Your sketch should end up looking something like this. Try to erase any lines that you don't need.


Now roughly shade the snout and eyes. Don't worry too much about details right now. Shade in a few stripes on the head and neck. These will act as guides for the rest of the stripes.


While still using an HB pencil, shade in the nose, define the ear and lightly shade in the stripes on the head.


Now shade in the stripes on the neck and mane.


Use a 4B pencil to lightly shade in the background. DO NOT press down hard. Try sketching as softly as possible. After that use a blending stump to blend in your background.


Define the eyes and start work on the muzzle. The easiest way to make your shading as dark as possible is to lightly put down a layer of shading with a 4B pencil then go over that with an HB pencil. You can see the layer of 4B on the muzzle prior to    


Go over the muzzle with an HB pencil to darken and smooth out your shading. Use a blending stump very sparingly. You don't want to smooth away all of your texture. After that use the 4B to lightly shade over the forehead stripes.


Go over the forehead stripes using an HB pencil.


Use a 4B pencil to shade over the stripes over the rest of the head and ears.


Use an HB pencil to go over the stripes. Use a 3H pencil on the lighter ear hairs.


Use a 4H pencil to darken the center of the white stripes a bit. Leave the white around the edges. This will make the black stripes pop out.


Use a 4B pencil to shade over the neck stripes.


Use an HB pencil to go over the dark stripes and a 4H pencil on the light ones.


Use a 4B pencil to shade in the mane stripes. Make your lines follow the outward flow of the hair.


Use an HB pencil to go over the dark stripes and a 4H pencil for the light ones. Finish up the drawing by going over your details and smoothing out your background. Let me know how it turns out for you. Comments and questions are welcome!

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December 6, 2011

Description: This is a tutorial that I've wanted to do for so long! Zebras are one of my favorite animals and are a real treat to draw. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial as much as I did!

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