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How to Draw a Female Manga Eye

Artist: HeartOfNature / July 16, 2014
How to Draw a Female Manga Eye

Step 1.

For step one, we begin to draw the upper eyelid. Note that it's thick and dark, with a dip near the end. That dip will be important later as we add eyelashes.

Step 2.

Next, we focus on the lower eyelid. This eyelid is also dark and thick, but not as dark and this as the upper eyelid. It also has a dip that we'll need soon.

Step 3.

Now we draw the thick, glamorous eyelashes. Don't be afraid to play it up, because that's one of the things about manga- EVERYTHING is exaggerated.

Step 4.

Now we shall sketch out the iris and pupil. Note that the shine in the pupil is the smallest- if it was too large, it would overwhelm the pupil and your character would read as shocked or surprised.

Step 5.

Finally, shade in the pupil like so if you want, and erase anything you don't like about your drawing. I know yours turned out great so show it off! Bye!

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Artist: HeartOfNature
Date Added: July 16, 2014
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Tags: draw eyes, how to draw manga eyes
Description: Hey, Dragoart. Today I'm submitting the first tutorial I ever made, how to draw a female manga eye. I had a lot of fun making this tutorial, so I hope you have fun drawing it. I was using my mum's phone, so the pics might not be the best, but it should still be helpful and I hope you enjoy!!