How to Draw a Love Tattoo, Tattoo of Love


Draw two circles, one for the head and the other for the hands.


Using the shapes you just made begin sketching out the body which is the back, left shoulder, and arm. Notice how the hand is drawn cupping the heart or rose. You will see the rose in later steps.


Continue to draw out the rest of the figure's back as well as the right arm, forearm, and hand. The thumbs are what's seen here.


Next, draw the shape of the head which is basically no different from the circle you made in step one it's just defined.


You can draw a heart in this step, but I drew a rose. Begin sketching out the rose as well as the fingers that is part of the hands presenting the flower. The flower or rose represents love.


Erase the mistakes so you can begin coloring in your work. As you can see the entire head gets shaded. The bright light concept gets added after the base shading is drawn in first.


Continue to color in the figure as well as add the lighting detailing. Take your time, if you are having trouble I will be back tomorrow with more detailed instructions.


Give the flower the base shading, then move to step nine.


Blend in all the colors and make the image soft like you see it here. This would make such an awesome tattoo.

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March 5, 2013

Description: I actually made this drawing a long time ago and I have been asked countless times to make a tutorial out of it. So I guess I have to do as people ask because I know that it will be fun and exciting for you all. Here is "how to draw a love tattoo", step by step. I know it’s hard to draw love and one might think that there is no such thing as such a concept. But if you draw a portrait of what love is supposed to look like, I think you can actually pull something like that off. In this picture I made a figure that is bowing down in a surrendering pose as he/she give up their heart to the one they love. The offer of the heart in itself makes this image captivating and beautiful. The soft texture of the character in the colored image is so intense and heartfelt. Drawing a love tattoo is going to be something that will need to be taken slowly. Nonetheless, you will enjoy this tut either way. Peace out people and enjoy yourselves.

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