How to Draw a Valentine Couple

Artist: Dawn / January 15, 2015

Step 1.

Start with the guidelines for the framework of the heads which should be two circles. You don't have to draw these perfectly but the size should be relative to this.

Step 2.

Then, draw the heart shape around the guidelines where it looks like this shown. Leave a little space around those guidelines so you don't draw the couples too close to the upper edges of the heart.

Step 3.

Next, draw the shapes of the faces side by side like shown. Take your time with this step.

Step 4.

Then, draw the hairline shape as well as the feathered edges for the back of the woman's head.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw the man's hairline and the rest of the shoulders of the couple.

Step 6.

Once you revise your draft sketch, you should end up with something like this. To take a step further, go ahead and ink out your drawing so it looks even more precise and bold. Go ahead and color your drawing if you want so it becomes a finished artw   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 15, 2015
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Description: If there's something I love showing folks how to draw, it's definitely various forms and poses of couples. This is of course, dedicated to the upcoming holiday, Valentines Day which will be here this February. I was walking in Rite Aid looking for a cool manicure kit when I stumbled on Valentines Day themed goodies in the aisles. I was browsing around the chocolate candy boxes (you guys don't know how bad I wanted to eat those decadent chocolate candies T_T) and an idea crossed my mind that I should draw a couple inside a heart. With that idea sparked in my head, I came home and created this tutorial you see here. This should be pretty easy for y'all to draw, but if it isn't, leave me a comment below letting me know if it was easy or hard for you. With that all said, I've gotta get moving to my other tuts. See you in the next tutorial installments, folks! <3