How to Draw Anime Couples

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 9, 2018

Step 1.

First things first, you need to decide what kind of couple you want to draw. A girl and a guy, two girls or two guys. Depending on which you choose will alter what you can do with your picture.

Step 2.

Size comes into play when you're drawing couples because males and females generally are different heights and builds. Males are usually about a head taller than females and their bodies are also on average have firmer muscles.

Step 3.

Time for kisses. First things first, how faces line up during kissing. You can't go into a kiss straight on. Noses get in the way. One person has to tilt their head one way, the the other person the other way. This changes the angle of their face sli   

Step 4.

Since the faces are tilted, so are the lips. Here are a few examples of how they might fit together. The first two showing a girl and a guy kissing, and then two girls, and then two guys. Guys lips tend to be thinner while girls lips are generally qu   

Step 5.

And now for a few different types of kissing. There is a quick peck when you just lightly press lips together for a short moment. A full kiss is when the lips lock together like puzzle pieces. And then the french, the mouths are barely touching with    

Step 6.

Time for hugs. This image here shows how bodies fit together. A girl and a guy fit together like this: ((. The guy is taller and he has to haunch over just a little bit and the girl has to arch towards him and press her chest out. Two girls hugging f   

Step 7.

Now I'll guide you through a little example. We'll draw a couple of a guy and a girl. We'll draw the guy's frame, one arm up and draping down with the other wrapping around to the front.

Step 8.

The the girls frame with her head twisted up towards the guys. Each of her hands over his hands.

Step 9.

We'll draw the shape of the girl's face. Also draw in her jaw and her neck.

Step 10.

The guy's face is leaning in towards hers. His chin is a little bit more angular and his neck is broader.

Step 11.

We'll go ahead and draw their ears and draw a little smile on each of their faces.

Step 12.


Step 13.

Their eyes are relaxed and closed, eyebrows raised a little bit.

Step 14.

Her bangs are short and neat and a few bits hang down in front of her ears and frame her face.

Step 15.

The guy's hair is a bit more choppy and isn't very even, falling over his eyebrows and around his face.

Step 16.

From there we'll draw the back of their hair. Her hair is pulled back and his hair is a little messy, sticking out in a few places.

Step 17.

Her ponytail is long and curls up at the bottom in a couple places, and then another portion curling down and in.

Step 18.

We'll move onto drawing the guy's shirt. He's wearing two shirts actually, a t shirt under a longer sleeved shirt, closer to a jacket with a single button at the top.

Step 19.

His arms wrap around her, one coming up over the girl's shoulder and the other around her front. His sleeves are bunched up to his elbows.

Step 20.

We'll just draw one of her arms at a time. Her left hand is up, loosely holding onto his arm that is draped over shoulder.

Step 21.

Her other arm is wrapped around her front and over top of his other arm. We'll also draw in the curve of his chest.

Step 22.

We'll draw in her shirt and put in the last few details on his shirt.

Step 23.

Then to pull the whole picture together, we'll draw a heart around them.

Step 24.

And that is how you draw an anime couple. Don't forget to post how yours turns out.

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Description: February is getting closer and that means that Valentines will be coming up soon too. I'm gonna help you get started with this cute tip-filled tutorial on drawing anime couples. I've even included a few tips on hugs and kisses.