How to Draw Valentine Angels, Cute Angels


First, start with the basic guidelines for the angels. I like to draw the head guides as well as a placeholder for the body guides, just to get my proportions nailed close enough to start etching in more precise body parts.


Then, to make things super simple, draw the shapes of the head, starting with the one on the right and then eventually shift your attention on the left.


Next, draw the embracing arms, working on the first arm near the neck and then the opposite arm.


Then, draw the lower body by sketching the curved frontal part of the leg and then rear.


Then, work on the left body, working your way from the butt curve into the thick leg.


Next, work on the wings in layers. I first started with the wings at the left and then went to draw the right angel's wing.


Lastly, draw the facials as well as the two hearts which crown these two embracing angel characters.


Once you've revised your sketch and inked it all out, you should have something super cute like this. If you failed, go ahead and retry the tutorial with the same attitude you had when you first attempted this. Practicing ALWAYS makes you better, wit   

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January 16, 2015

Description: What's up everyone, and how's it going? Dawn is back with more awesome Valentine themed tuts like I told you I was going to do in the previous Valentine's tuts I've submitted. This one is going to be pretty cool for you guys since I've had so much fun working on this. You all know the intensity of fun I have when coloring with pinkish/purple color palettes. Anyways, have fun and good luck with this!

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