How to Draw a Cool Creature

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Draw the circle for the head area, then make another shape for the body.


It's really hard for me to describe how to tackle this step because it's a mixture of crinkled lining and teeth. Slowly begin drawing the mouth of the beast followed by the teeth. This should be as creepy as possible so make sure to take your time.


As you approach this step you will be sketching out the entire body of the creature. The hump on it's back, and the stretched skin tissue makes a real messy looking so be sure to complete the task at hand. Sketch in all of the detailing and definitio   


You will now draw in the bottom mandible as well as the tongue that is hanging out from the mouth. Next, draw in the exposed brain as well as the teeth on the bottom jaw.


After you have erased your mistakes you can start shading in your drawing to bring the effects of the body to surface. Start with the bottom jaw and tongue.


Color in the entire creature like you see here until you have a good base shading. Lighting up the areas you see here, to make a slimy, gross look.


Complete the coloring job at hand, then you are all done. Great work guys I know you did a great job.

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March 5, 2013

Description: I don't know what I can really say about this next tutorial since it's on concept art. Drawing different creatures from your imagination can be very time consuming indeed. When I tackled this drawing a while ago I knew I was going to turn it into a lesson because there are so many artists that love tackling complex drawings. Here is my version on "how to draw a cool creature", step by step. This should take a while to complete especially if you are a novice artist. The whole concept took me about a day on and off so if you stick with it until it's done, the time may vary depending on your artistic skill level. Either way you will enjoy drawing a cool creature because it's definitely a challenge. Adios people and enjoy all the lessons that you see here on

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