How to Draw a Valentine Kitty


First, let's begin with the basic guidelines for this cat. I recommend drawing these lines lightly and to make sure that you draw them in relative size like shown in this step. Your future lines will depend on how well you draw these guides!


Then, draw the face shape as well as the ears which poke evenly from each side of the face. I recommend drawing the cheeks first then work your way to the ears, something I ALWAYS do!


Next, let's draw the eye shape and the iris which sit within the eyeball shape.


Let's work our way to drawing the pupils to finish the eyes and then the little inner ear details.


My favorite step! Let's get to drawing the mouth, an easy step that can be perfectly mastered as long as you draw the shape of the mouth and then the inside details like the nose and whiskers. The smaller you draw this part, the cuter and chibier the   


Next, let's draw the paws clutched onto the heart's beginning stage shape.


Then, finishing the heart first, draw the legs and the two cute little bottom paws that sit at the edges of the heart.


Lastly, draw the indents of the paws and the tail. How easy was that?!


Once you've revised your drawing, go ahead and ink it out. With solid line art skill and practicing, you should have something very similar to this. If you use a digital art program, achieving this very look will be very easy if you've got a good gra   

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January 15, 2015

Description: So I was on a roll today working on a bunch of Valentine related tutorials (and there will be more where this comes from ) so I've decided to create a Valentine animal series featuring all the most common domestic animals in a pinkish love theme so you can decorate your own cards to pass around to your classmates or maybe someone you secretly admire. With that said, this tutorial was a real treat to work on since I love coloring things pink love related. You folks should definitely get a kick out of this tutorial! Don't hesitate to leave feedback on how well you did or if you've got a suggestion, no need to be shy!

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