How to Draw a Koala for Kids

Artist: Dawn / July 16, 2011

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head, and then draw out a mushroom shaped stem for the body. Add the facial guides, and then move to step two.

Step 2.

You will now start tackling the shape of the head and face, but start drawing the fluffy cheeks, and then draw the lining of the chin.

Step 3.

Sketch out the koala's big rounded ears, and then that's it for this step.

Step 4.

Using the facial guidelines draw in the eyes, and eyeballs. You will then draw in the koala's odd shaped nose, and color it in as well. Make the lining for the mouth.

Step 5.

Draw in the detailing for the ears to separate the hair from the bald inner skin.

Step 6.

Draw out the arms, and then be sure to draw in the hands. This Koala is going to be holding onto a bamboo branch.

Step 7.

Draw the body, and then get the legs and feet drawn in as well. The empty space between each foot is going to be where the stick is drawn.

Step 8.

You will finish off this koala by drawing out the branch that the koala is clinging to. Once you are done, erase the guides and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 9.

Here is what the koala look like when you are all done. Color in this little cutie, and then move along to something else.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 16, 2011
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Description: Now that the hard or awesome stuff is uploaded, I’m still going to submit lessons of some of our favorite animals in ‘For Kids’ form. I will begin with showing you guys "how to draw a koala for kids", step by step. These bears are bamboo eating machines and like the panda bear they like spending a lot of their days up in the trees. I wanted to choose a few animal species today that will be adorable to draw in a very simple manner. There is actually no wrong way to draw a koala for kids so this tutorial is going to be pretty darn simple to tackle and complete. I love coming up with new and exciting ways to draw animals because they can be drawn in any pose, and doing anything. I’m not going to ramble on anymore with the descriptions for these lessons because it really does waste a lot of time. I think all that needs to be said, is already said in the drawing. You will without a doubt enjoy drawing a koala in this form because it is a really cute Australian animal species that is definitely loved worldwide. Have fun guys and enjoy.