How to Draw a Leopard for Kids

Artist: Dawn / July 15, 2011

Step 1.

make two round shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. As you can see the body shape is smaller then the head. Add one face guide as well.

Step 2.

This leopard is going to be drawn from a side profile. The first thing you want to do is draw out the top of the head, and then draw in two pieces of hair. Continue the lining to form the face and draw in the snout.

Step 3.

Draw the back of the head, and then draw out both ears with the right one being viewed fully. Draw out the bold lining for the eye lids and then add the long thick lashes.

Step 4.

For the fourth step, draw out the rounded eyes, and then draw the eyebrows, nose, mouth or lips, and then sketch in some whiskers.

Step 5.

Almost done everyone and you're doing great. Draw the neck, and then draw out the two front legs and small paws. You can also draw in some of the chest as well.

Step 6.

This last step is simple, all you have to do is draw out the back lining which also forms the tail, and then draw out the hind legs. The foot is hidden behind the tail so don't worry about that. Erase any guides that are visible to prepare this leopa   

Step 7.

When your drawing is all cleaned up you have to draw out and color in the leopard spots. After that you can go ahead and start coloring it in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 15, 2011
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Description: Let’s just get all the big cats out on the table before I go ahead and submit my final two tutorials for the day. Let me see, so far I did these ‘for kids’ big cat tutorials; lion, tiger, panther, cheetah, and now I will submit "how to draw a leopard for kids", step by step. I know plenty of you are either going to be visiting a zoo, or have been to the zoo already this summer. I wanted so bad to go to the zoo, but unfortunately the nearest one to me is about a seven hour drive. I guess I will have to draw zoo animals instead of actually going to see them in person to fill the hole in my chest. The leopard looks very similar to the cheetah because they both have spots and tannish brown coats. I tried making this leopard look different then the cheetah drawing I submitted yesterday, and I think I may have succeeded. The only problem I see with the drawing is how I drew the face to look sort of sad or shy. I didn’t plan on this happening; in fact I wanted this kitty to look happy and playful. Either way he/she will be a blast to draw because drawing leopards for kids is going to be simple to do. Not only that, but she is adorable, (but not as adorable as the panther). That’s it guys have fun with this leopard and if you have a favorite animal in mind that would make a great for kids lesson, let me know your ideas and thoughts so I can fill your request or act upon your idea. Thanks and have fun!