How to Draw a Frog For Kids

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Start by making a simple circle.


Simply thicken the shape you just drew in step one to draw out the front of the frogs face, and then add a mouth line in the form of a smile.


Using a thick, bold stroke, draw out the round shaped eyes like so. You will then add the eyeballs, and then draw two dashes for the brows.


Almost done guys! The nest step is to draw out the front legs and feet like so, and be sure to only draw in three toes.


And now the last drawing step. Simply draw out the back, long hind leg, and big bag foot. As you can see the back foot has three spaced out longer toes than the ones in the front. Once you have completed this step, you can clean up the drawing to pre   


Look how awesome and easy it was to draw a frog for kids. Now you can enjoy coloring in this drawing, and remember if you want to make it a female just a dd a pretty ribbon or bow.

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July 13, 2011

Description: Oh boy, here is another frog tutorial that was super simple for me to draw and turn into a lesson. I made it especially for kids, teens and adults that are looking for an easy alternative to creating one of the world’s popular reptiles besides snakes. Today you will have fun learning "how to draw a frog for kids", step by step. When it comes to the frog there is no better way than to draw them in cute cartoon styles. These critters have been said to give you warts, fevers, and even sickness if you pick them up and handle them. Of course we all know that that stuff isn’t true, if it where we would all be full of warts, have a fever and feel sick all the time. If you’re like my little sister that loves the idea of having a frog for a pet, but can’t stand to touch one, maybe you should try drawing one instead and touching the paper later. At least to your mind’s eye, you would’ve touched a frog but in a unrealistic manner. This is a super fun lesson to tackle because it is only a five step tutorial to follow. When you’re done drawing a frog for kids, you can show your mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, or friend what you have just done. If you want to turn this frog into a girl, just draw a cute bow or ribbon on the corner of its head. Take care guys and remember to rate and comment on the lessons that you either tackle or look at.

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