How to Draw a Sheep For Kids


Make two circles that rest on top of one another like you see here. When you have drawn the shapes, add one face guide like so.


Draw the front of the sheep's face and forehead like so, and then draw in the small snout. Once that is done draw a nose, and smile as well as a bottom lip or jaw.


Okay guys, lets get the sheep's curly locks drawn out as well as the wavy lining for the back of the head too. Once you have done that you can draw in the ears, and then move to step four.


All you have to do in step four is draw out the big pretty eyes, and the long lushes lashes. Draw the eyeballs, and then draw the brows. You will also need to add that split line from the nose to lip like you see here.


Draw out some puffy lining to form the body of the sheep. Once that is done draw the first of four legs and be sure to add that notch in the middle of the hoof.


You are almost done so keep on going. Draw the belly, and then continue to draw the rest of the legs making the left front leg bent. The hind legs are crouched down a bit for added pose. Draw the hoof notch on each foot.


The last thing to do is draw out the puffy cotton like tail, and then draw in the lines that separates the hooves from the legs. Erase the guides you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.


This is how the sheep looks when you are done drawing it in. Color in your sheep either brown, black, or white and be sure to color in some grass beneath its feet.

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July 13, 2011

Description: This is the last lesson that will be placed in the ‘For Kids’ section. After this submission I have one more tutorial going up and it’s a request that was made by my twelve year old brother. For those of you that like drawing stuff from the military, you may want to stick around to see what I have coming up next. This lesson however is going to show you "how to draw a sheep for kids", step by step. Sheep in general are friendly livestock that have docile personalities. They are often known to be white in color, but do also come in either brown or black. The sheep is an animal that has been around for many, many, years and it is also one of the first herding and farming animals as well. We use sheep for their wool, and unfortunately they are also used for their meat. The sheep I am submitting for you now is going to be really cute in the end. Unlike the frog tutorial, this sheep lesson has a total of seven steps that you need to follow before completion. But when you’re done you will have an adorable picture of a sheep that can be added to a farm or herding scene. Thanks for joining me for another For Kids tutorial, I hope you have fun drawing a sheep for kids.

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