How to Draw a Halloween Pumpkin

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The first thing you will do is sketch out the actual massive shape or structure for your pumpkin. These size, and type pumpkins will cost you at least fifteen dollars in a store. My pumpkin has layers, creases and folds to make up it's form.


Draw in the eyes and nose holes like you see here. You can choose to go your own route with the design style for the pumpkin's face. Also keep in mind that if drawn big enough, you can use this as stencil for your jack-o-lantern.


Slowly begin sketching out the Halloween pumpkin's mouth. I went with a realistic skeletal style of tooth, but you can draw in that zigzag style grin as well.


Simply draw out the bottom row of teeth whether it be in this style or a different one. When you are happy with the results, erase the mistakes.


The line art should come out looking like the sketch you see here. Now it's time to think of a shade to add. Maybe it would be cool to color in this pumpkin using all four Halloween colors which are purple, orange, black and white.

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October 8, 2013

Description: Here is a ghastly looking face all ready to be colored in or left pale for the Halloween holiday or season. Today I will upload a couple Halloween related tuts because I love this time of year so much. First, let's learn "how to draw a Halloween Pumpkin", step by step once again. Every year I will draw a new pumpkin in a different style. It's always good to have updated lessons because ones skill level gets better, which means tutorials provided will be easier to follow and understand. This Halloween pumpkin has that sinister face and expression, but lacks the typical orange color. I wanted this pumpkin to be pale like a ghost because there is holiday decor that consists of white, black, purple and orange pumpkins. I had a lot of fun like I always do whenever I drawing Halloween stuff. You should have a blast as well, and be sure to let me know if there is a Halloween themed lesson that I haven't thought of, or submitted that you think would be cool. Adios amigos.

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