How to Draw Cupcake Foxy

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We will begin the same way we did with cupcake Mangle. Draw the frosting top first which will house the head and face.


Next, draw the base of the cupcake and when you do that add the ripple lines for the cupcake paper cup.


You will now draw out the eye shapes as well as the snout, nose and whisker holes.


We will now draw the arrow shaped ear tips and then draw pipe like ea stems. Add a tuft of hair between the eyes, then proceed to step five.


We will draw in the straps for the eye patch and then color the patch and straps in solid. Erase your mistakes and you are finished.


Now that you are done you should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here in an uncolored form.

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July 1, 2015

Description: Sup people? I am back with another tutorial on a cupcake version of a Five Nights at Freddy's character and this time we will be learning how to draw a cupcake Foxy, step by step. Foxy is one of the most popular animatronic figures from FNAF. He is cool to look at, awesome to watch, and fun to draw. This cupcake of Foxy isn't as extravagant as Mangle, but at least it's a simple concept that more people can tackle without too much complexity. You have to remember, drawing stuff isn't always supposed to be easy. When it's difficult to draw something that means you are being challenged. When you are challenged you get better at what you do because you consistently do it until you get good. Or at least that is what most people with drive and passion do. Anyways, have fun drawing this cupcake version of Foxy the Fox and I will ready my next submission.

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