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How to Draw Foxes in Love

Artist: Dawn / April 7, 2015
How to Draw Foxes in Love

Step 1.

We will draw the head and body guides for the foxes like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Start with the fox to the right and draw in the definition to the forehead, snout, neck and chest.

Step 3.

We will draw out the rest of the body shape which includes the back of the head and the fox ears. Cap the tips with marking lines as well.

Step 4.

The eyes are closed and if you where wondering, this is the female. You can tell because the lashes are thick and long. Draw the nose, mouth and whiskers like so as well.

Step 5.

Up next, draw in the lining to create the front legs and the one back leg thigh or knee.

Step 6.

Finish the female by drawing a hint of her tail which is the tail tip.

Step 7.

Begin drawing the male fox the same way you did the female in step two. Draw the forehead, snout, neck and chest.

Step 8.

Complete the body shape by drawing the back of the head, the back and then the ears. Add markings on the tips of the ears as well.

Step 9.

Draw in his eye, mouth, nose and whiskers.

Step 10.

Almost done folks. Draw the front legs, toes and when you do this you will create the back leg as well.

Step 11.

Here we will draw in the more relaxed fox tail as it rests on the ground.

Step 12.

And lastly, draw a heart shape between the two faces to show the love they have for one another. Erase your mistakes and guidelines as well.

Step 13.

Now you can color in the two foxes to perfection to bring their love alive.

Comments (9)
iloveGMM · 6 years ago
Dawn do some anime adventure time
Akrousseau21 · 7 years ago
What does a fox say? O_o
Dawn · 7 years ago
Akrousseau21 · 7 years ago
Heeyaa :rock:
Akrousseau21 · 7 years ago
:drool: no way that is ... Ermagerd
Dawn · 7 years ago
Haha, thanks
Akrousseau21 · 7 years ago
Welcome cause you deserve it

Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 7, 2015
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Tags: how to draw love, how to draw foxes
Description: I will end the tutorial day by showing you folks how to draw foxes in love, step by step. I am in love with these two foxes. They are clearly into each other and it shows just with their simple expressions on their faces. This tutorial is a great transition tut to go from something for beginners, to something easy. I know these foxes will be loved because I fell in love just by drawing them. I shall return tomorrow with more tutorials for you all so come back around.